Tuesday, December 7, 2010

On the Shelf Challenge

Challenge here

Are your books multiplying like rabbits before you even get a chance to read them? Trying to keep up with them, but can't stop buying new ones?

Maybe this challenge is for you. I know what it's like. There's so many titles and so many beautiful books out there sometimes it's hard to keep that TBR shelf under control, but if you really want to try why not challenge yourself?

The challenge begins on the 1st of January and ends on the 31st of December 2011

Note: This challenge is to read those books you own copies of, but have never got around to reading. If you don't have many that you own, but have a massive TBR shelf you're welcome to read those ones as long as you don't add new ones. You don't need to actually get rid of your books after you've read them, this is just to read them.
As of right now I'm not sure what books I'll put on the list, but as I read them they'll be put up. :)

My Challenge level:
Making a dint-30 books
This might change.

  1. Crescendo by Becca Fitzpatrick (1-10-11)


  1. I think this a challenge I need to participate in! :)
    If only you could see the stacks I have accumulating on the floor because I don't have another book shelf. :(

  2. Lol. That's why I decided to do it. I'm coming very close to not have shelves. I might have to just throw my stuffed tigers and beagles in bags to make a shelf for my books.


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