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Once A Witch Review

AUTHOR: Carolyn MacCullough
PUBLISHER: Clarion Books
PAGES: 292

SERIES/STAND ALONE: Series (Always a witch #2 2011)

Tamsin Greene comes from a long line of witches, and she was supposed to be one of the most Talented among them. But Tamsin's magic never showed up. Now seventeen, Tamsin attends boarding school in Manhattan, far from her family. But when a handsome young professor mistakes her for her very Talented sister, Tamsin agrees to find a lost family heirloom for him. The search—and the stranger—will prove to be more sinister than they first appeared, ultimately sending Tamsin on a treasure hunt through time that will unlock the secret of her true identity, unearth the sins of her family, and unleash a power so vengeful that it could destroy them all. This is a spellbinding display of storytelling that will exhilarate, enthrall, and thoroughly enchant.

STARTED: 12-21-10
FINISHED: 12-25-10

Now it's time to review the first book, since I've already reviewed the second one. :)

FYI: I have the hardback and paperback. Since they are different looking. :) I liked both of them. One I got from Amazon the other from HPB.

The story mainly consist of Tamsin trying to help a Professor find a missing heirloom (so he claims). The only problem is she lied to him. She wasn't the person whom he wanted the help from it was Tamsin's sister, Rowena. Not knowing what Rowena looked like he assumed that Tamsin was her. Tamsin wanting to prove to her Talented Family that she could do something was on a mission to find this artifact, and be someone. From there on the lies grew and with that so did problems. I liked that one of the talents was time traveling because from that you not only got to see what the present day lives of the families were like, but also the past lives of their family members.

I loved this book just as much as I loved the second one even though I knew what was gonna happen. (that was a my bad for reading it out of order) I adore the characters in this book.

Tamsin (The MC) kind of the odd-ball out in a family of Talented Witches. She was suppose to be the beacon of light for the family, but by the age of eight no talent had shown up. Poor Tam. :(
Gabriel (Tams childhood friend) His family had moved away because of his mortal dad I believe, and Tamsin had promised to write to him everyday, but never did. Now he's back with his momma, and his eyes are all on Tamsin. :) Humm could this mean something?
Agatha (Tam BFF) Okay, I love Agatha as a BF. I would have liked to see her more in the story,but since she's just a bestie. I understand there's not to much of a need for her.  
Just all the characters in the book are fun and enjoyable to read about. Tamsin's family is a pretty big one, but you still get the feel for each of the ones mentioned. Her mom who seems like a complete wreck, Rowena who's pretty much self-obsessed, the wise grandmother, and the uncles and aunts, and a few cousins. The talents range from fire to freezing, to traveling to reading the future, to changn g the state of things.

The book had quite a few witty, funny remarks.

I wouldn't say the end left a huge cliffhanger like some books do, but it does make you wonder what's in store for the future of this family, and others.

All in all if your looking for a witchy story that has a bit of a different take on witches this is definitely one of those.

-Not a drop, not half of a drop, not even a quarter of a half of a half of magic runs through my apprently very pedestrian veins. (Tam)
-Don't you know how damaging that is to your health? (Ro)
Really I wish they printed warning or something on the package. So irresponsible of them. (Tam atsmoking Cigs)
-Just being here, a this is all that's expected, this is all I can be. Okay, now I'm starting to sound like an army slogan. (Tam)



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