Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Weekly dose of suckiness (rant)

I think the universe has it out for me this week. Seriously, on Saturday my car just quick working. I had to pay 100 bucks to get it towed back to my moms house. I don't have 100 bucks for that. Then I find out yesterday there's no way to fix it unless I want to pay 2300 dollars to put a new engine in it because my dumb ass froze the engine by not putting in it. Yes, that was my fault because I thought I did a few months back. Moral of this story: Put oil in your car when the light comes on, or you will not have a car.

Then to make matters worse I go to my apartment to check on my dog and cat (I'm still with my mom), and I go in my dog doesn't greet me like he usually does. So by this time I'm freaking out. Thinking he's had a bad seizure, and is lying in here hurt. I look around he's nowhere to be found I get to my room and my window is cracked open a tiny bit, and the screen is broken. Now if this isn't weird enough I live on the 3rd floor of the complex, and my dog is gone. I check everywhere down below in the grass and bushes to see if he fell or something. Nothing at all, so I go to the office to see if anybody has reported a dog they found or to see if they found him laying on the ground dead. (You have to realize I'm in freaking hysteric mode here bawling my eyes out, hyperventilating, and whatnot) She said nobody has said/reported anything. Where the hell did my dog go? If he did fall and somehow made it, and someone found him would they call me because he has his collar with my number on it? I'm like in a state of shock like seriously. At this time I can't really do anything because I have to work (I'm a mess when I get there too). About 9pm or so my friend calls me about my dog asking what happened. I tell her expecting some sort of OMG I'm sorry, supportive friends stuff, and instead this is her text response "Well let's hope someone found him and he's not dead or this friendship is gonna have serious problems. I can't believe this shit!" I was pissed/mad/upset/sad I just broke down crying right there at work. Who says that to their supposely Best Friend? Then 30 minutes later I get a text "I'm sorry I didn't mean that. I'm just really mad right now." I'm sorry? Really that's it? I ignored it! I'm really a nice person, but shit like that is pointless when I'm already filled with guilt and all this other crap. I mean how would you handle that? I know I should be nice and forgive, but everything I do is always wrong in her eyes. It really does hurt to hear someone you've known almost 10 years say crap like that. Opinions?

On a brighter note I got a few goodies from Amy at Attack of the books. :) Just in time I think I might have to read Firelight next (after Crescendo of course). Thank you girl!
Yea! You made my day a little better!


  1. I'm so sorry Ash! That friend is just a bitch. I can't believe someone would be so heartless when you're already going through turmoil. Grrr.
    A true friend would be sympathetic. I would.

    Ps. I'm glad you got your Firelight goodies! And that I was able to maybe put a smile on your face for a short time during this terrible day!

  2. Oh no, I'm so sorry to hear about your dog! I hope everything works out ok. I'm such a dog lover. My heart is breaking for you.


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