Friday, December 10, 2010

You know you're addicted to Vampire Academy when..

I was reading some stuff on my FB, and Richelle, the author of VA, put up a link to win a copy of the book. The link was titled "You know you're obsessed with  Vampire academy when..." These were some of the answers on there. Awesomeness!

Here was the link

....When you plan on walking 3-4 miles to the nearest bookstore (& back) to get your copy of last sacrifice because the roads are too icy & dangerous to drive on & it's -12 out there. You could get 'frostbite' but as if that would stop you.

...When you go to school wearing a Nazar charm and a large brown coat so you'll have something from Rose and something else from Dimitri!

...When you go to get Last Sacrifice at the midnight release and get attacked by Strigoi on the way.

...When you stay up every night after spending your only money on the newest book and then spend all your spare time re-reading the books whilst you wait for latest book to be released. (This was me sadly. I mean I even when up to walmart at 1230am to get it, but they hadn't put it out yet. Then I went back at 10 before work, still nothing, then at 4 that's right nothing. I had to drive to another walmart after work to get it at like 8 or so.) 

...When you carry a wooden stake in your bag...JUST in case your old geography teacher turns strigoi before period 3.

Does anyone else have anything to add? Let me know!
Fyi- I'm almost done with the book, and wow is all I can say. :)


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