Monday, January 24, 2011

Book to Movie News: Firelight

(Is this not a cool picture or what? It has a dragon in it yet a girl and an animal. I found it on the net, and just added my wording. :) easily amused I tell ya! )

I'm sure by now most of you have seen the news that Sophie Jordan put on her FB and twitter, but if not I will gladly show you. I always love book to movie news. It's almost as exciting as reading the books, and I know if it's exciting for the readers it's probably like that to the Nth times (Yeah I just said to the Nth times!) exciting for the author. Although I had mixed feelings about the book. I can't wait for the second, and a movie would be awesome to be able to see the characters brought to life. It would give more people a chance to learn about the book then just those of us bloggers here in the community. That's a plus right?

Yes, I'm in a babbling kind of mood. :) (I should really just go and finish reading my book. I'm such a procrastinator sometimes.) Anyways, the link is here.
Also here's a bit of what it says if you don't want to click my link.

Nick Pustay has been tapped to adapt Firelight, Mandalay’s adaptation of the Sophie Jordan young-adult fantasy novel.
The book was published by Harper Teen in September, with Mandalay picking up the rights pre-emptively just weeks after.
The “Twilight with dragons” story centers on Jacinda, a young girl who is a “draki,” a descendant of dragons who can morph into human form, and who is ordained to marry another of her kind. When the girl’s mother moves the family to live among humans for safety reasons, Jacinda puts her family at risk when she falls for a member of a secret dragon-hunting society.
Cathy Schulman is producing. Mandalay’s Adam Stone is overseeing.
I'm telling you with all these books we love so much coming out, or getting movies deals. I'm going to go into excitement overload.

Now when Vampire Academy announces its hitting theatre. (I know things are in the works) I will be on excitement over, OVERload and probably be bouncing off the walls. (No seriously I'm for real!) You will hear me from far, FAR AWAY! I had to throw this in here. heheh

What'd you all think of this awesome news?


  1. Hey, thanks so much for replying to my blogging questions, it means so much to me, and your advice/opinions are very valuable.
    I've managed to buy a new domain, (using my own money), and am going to write shorter, but better reviews. I've also got a few list posts in the works.
    I'm so appreciative of your comment!

    In response to this post, SO AWESOME! I really really want to read Firelight, but I cannot find it anywhere - I've checked SO many bookstores, but, there's none. It makes me sad. :( And your pic up there is pretty! I didn't notice the dragon at first, but it's defs a cool pic.

    Happy reading,

  2. Tina- Not a problem I love to be able to leave my input where ever. :) That's cool about the domain. I've actually wanted to get one for a very long time. I'm not sure I could figure it out though.

    I know I'm super excited. You can't find it anywhere? Really? I figured it would be in the big bookstores. Hum I'll have to be on the lookout for it here then. (maybe at my HPB stores) and see what I can do.

  3. Still need to read this. Not really sure what to think of it; it's definitely a unique concept.

  4. Yeah, like I said it is a different concept, but it also follows the same lines as others. i still want the other book, and the movie would be cool.

  5. No way? They're turning this into a movie!? I had no idea! I need to read it before the movie comes out then. :D (P.s. Loving your new layout!)

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