Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Book to Movie News: Incarceron

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The final two "Twilight Saga" films might be shooting right now, but Taylor Lautner isn't ready to give up on the young adult genre quite yet. Deadline is reporting that Taylor has signed up to star in the big screen adaptation of another up-and-coming YA novel, "Incarceron." The storyline of the novel and its soon-to-be-released sequel, "Sapphique," is a lot darker than "The Twilight Saga"'s, and it also doesn't find Taylor transforming into a big cuddly wolf every two seconds (though hopefully there will be plenty of shirtlessness).
"Incarceron" follows the story of Finn, a boy raised in the brutal Incarceron prison, sealed off from the rest of the world. His fate is to escape the prison, and he gets his chance when he receives a special crystal key. He meets up with several companions and journeys to find a way to escape.
But the story of Claudia, daughter of the warden of Incarceron, is being told simultaneously. She is trapped in the Realm, which is a world modeled after the 17th century where advanced science and technology are prohibited. She finds the crystal key at the same time Finn does, and it allows them to communicate and try to create an escape plan.

The film is being written by Adam Cooper and Bill Collage, who wrote the upcoming films "Tower Heist," "Moby Dick" and "Moses." That's quite an array of subjects for one writing duo to cover, so we're hoping that bodes well for "Incarceron"'s final version. No director has been tapped for the film yet, and no actress has come on board to play Claudia (though we're sure there will be plenty interested now that Taylor's involved).
Taylor's already attached to the upcoming "Stretch Armstrong" film, which will likely turn into a franchise if it's successful, so it's interesting that he chose to come on board for "Incarceron." We're guessing that author Catherine Fisher has at least one more installment to release after "Sapphique," so that means Taylor's going to be in this for at least two more films.
That being said, we are totally not complaining. "Incarceron" sounds like an awesomely dark and twisted story, and we love seeing Taylor as a leading man. Hopefully it will give him a better chance to show off his acting chops than "Twilight" did, and fingers crossed there's just as many opportunities to be half-naked.
I actually haven't yet read these books. (They are both on my shelf though) that being said I can't tell if Taylor would be good cast as Finn, but I can say that I adore him as Jacob. He always seems so sweet in the interviews that I watch. It would be interesting to see him step out of his Wolfey character. I'm definitely all for it. What do you all think?



  1. I'd love to see Taylor Lautner in a movie that doesn't involve sparkly vampires. I think in this role he will shine (:

    Still have to read these books though, they have been on my list forever.

  2. Haven't read the books yet but I agree, it would be nice to see him in something else.

  3. I know me too, and he'll be able to have a lead role. (not that Jacob wasn't a lead, but it wasn't an edward role)

    Yeah I still have them on my shelf too. This might make me read them a little quicker because usually books are better then the movie.


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