Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Book to Movie News: Wake Series

I found this posted from Lisa McManns' Facebook.
Here's what she said: Lisa mcMann-Ran across this article today. Yep, I find out news of the WAKE movie just like you do -- by accident. :) This is encouraging to hear Chris talk about working on it.
Source: ShockTillYouDrop
January 10, 2011

Screenwriter Christopher Landon (Disturbia, Paranormal Activity 2) spoke with Shock Till You Drop today about his directorial debut, the horror anthology Burning Palms and updated us on the status of his next script, Wake, a supernatural thriller based on the book series by Lisa McMann.

"It's sort of a vehicle for Miley Cyrus," Landon says, "She is looking to sort of get out of her cutesy Hannah Montana image, which she's actually doing quite well. She wanted to do something a little edgier and a little darker, so we're making this movie hopefully...It's about a teenage girl who has a rare form of narcalepsy. When she's within a certain distance of someone sleeping, she passes out and goes into their dreams."

Though the source material is young adult fare, Landon says that both it and the film version don't fall far from the horror genre.

"It definitely has a spooky element to it," he says, "It's slightly origin-story-esque... She sees it as a curse. You know, something that she keeps very secret and hidden and, as a result, has sort of isolated herself. Then, through circumstance she ends up having to embrace it. She has to use it to solve a crime, if you will. It's fun. We get to really play with the visual kind of thing. It's not like 'Inception' where it's very consistent because we're going in and out of so many different people's dreams and nobody dreams alike. Some of it will be animated. Some of it will be really, really big with epic-looking stuff. And sometimes she lands in a dream where absolutely fucking nothing is happening which, you know, is very true to life."
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I actually think this is pretty cool that these books will be turned into movies. I really love the whole idea of the book and the dreaming aspect of it. I wasn't particularly fond of Janie, but I haven't read the others two books (I need to do that) so I'm hoping that I'll like her a little better in the others. I like Cabel though, and it would be interesting to see who they would get to play him. If you read the books who would you choose to play him? I honestly don't know I'm not good remembering actors/actresses name and what not. As for Miley playing the lead. Hum? I'm going to have to say I can't really see her acting the part, but I could be wrong. I can honestly say that I like Miley. I have nothing against her. I think Hannah Montana was a cute disney show. (Okay no hating me for this) I liked her in The Last Song, and I thought she did well. I guess it's just seeing her put into this character. I don't know. LOL. I'm torn.

What do you all think about it?

My books :) I need to get Gone now.



  1. Ooo thanks for posting this! :) I agree, I actually like Miley but can't really see her in this role. Maybe she'll surprise us!

    Wasn't a big fan of Janie either, to be honest. Loved Cabel, though! I'm interested to see who they'll choose for his role.

  2. :) No problem I thought it was interesting. I'm hoping if she does do it, that she does it well.

    I'm glad someone feels the same way about the MC as I do. I'm very interested to see who they'll choose for Cabel as well. Any thoughts?

  3. Miley ? really? Oh well. I should read the books before it comes out. I'm missing a lot already! :D

  4. Haven't read this series yet. I don't have anything against Miley per se... I don't think I've seen her in anything that has really showcased her ability to act though.

  5. I haven't read the 2nd and 3rd yet. I need to get to it. I have nothing against her either, I'm kind in between.


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