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MY NEW BANNER *points up* Thanks and credit to Small Review.

What book are you most looking forward to seeing published in 2011?  Why are you anticipating that book?Really I can only choose one? I actually read the first chapters of Wildefire by Karsten Knight,(I think I'm gonna like Ash and Her older sister Eve). Find the chp at Simon and Schuster, and Original Sin by Lisa D. and totally fell in love all over again with Luc, Gabe, and Frannie. Oh and Matt too. Sign up at Tors to read that chapter. Then as I've posted in a few other things this week. I read the first two chapters in Vegas Dazzle and was wanting to read more. :) Sorry I couldn't choose between these. I mean you get to read a few parts, and BAM! You're hooked. 

What is/was your favorite subject in school?

 When I was in school I would have probably answered this a completely different way then how I would now. I wasn't fond of any subject really. Math, science, and Social Studies were never for me. I liked art in elementary. Middle school I had a few computer classes that I enjoyed. In high school I still liked Art. The one of my years I had a teaching class where half the class we learned about teaching and the second half we actually were assigned an elementary school and a classroom to go to and act as a teacher for that hour or so. I loved that class. I had first graders, and they were the cutest kids ever. I still remember things I was able to teach them. I sat in reading groups with them, and listened. I had them write little stories. One story I had them write was if you were in the 3 little pigs story what would you make your house out of? They wrote and drew pcitures of their choices. I probably still have that stuff somehwere. Then come the end of the year they made little goodbye and thank you cards for me. I loved it. I remember one card imparticular that I swear it look like the child had written S-E-X on it.I wish I could find it and post the pic. Anyway off topic. I think now with all this stuff I've done. I would say english probably would have been a fun class. :)


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  1. The teaching class sounds awesome. I definitely would have adored that class! Thanks for stopping by!

  2. HI! Hopping through! MY fave subject was History. As for what book I am looking forward too- several but I will go with Lover Unleashed by JR Ward.

    My FF and Blog hops

  3. Dropping by via blogger hop. :) Have a great weekend!
    I am an old follower. Drop by via Clandestine Sanctuary to read my answer for this week. :)

  4. Hopping by:)

    I'm sure there are many great books coming out this year, but I'm most excited about J. M. Auel's the Land of the Painted Caves.

    Have a nice weekend:)

  5. The book I’m most expecting in 2011 is by an author I crossed off my “Favorite author” list.

    He’s back on that list now.

    Who’s the author? Raymond Feist? What’s the book? A Kindgom Besieged.

    Hop on over to my website to read all about it –

    Howard A. Sherman, Implementor
    Get Inside a Story

  6. hello im already a followeer just stopping by to say you have reviewd some really great books!
    Heather at

  7. It is tough to decide on one book to anticipate isn't it? LOL

    Have a good weekend!

  8. Hello...stopping by from the blog hop.

    Stop by my blog for a giveaway that ends tomorrow, January 29, 2011, at noon and to see my not so exciting answer. :)

    My favorite subjects were English and of course typing...where would we be if we didn't know how to type?

  9. HI! I'm hopping by to return the follow. Thank you for stopping in on the blog and following me. You have a great site here and good content.

    I hope you have a great weekend and enjoy the hop and FF!


  10. Hopping by to say have a great weekend!

    Already following :)


  11. Hey Ashley,

    Just letting you know that you won a signed THE BODY FINDER bookplate and other stickers on my blog (you entered a while ago).

    I need you to claim your prize and send me an email with your address.



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