Sunday, January 16, 2011

HPB kind of day

Well as you know, I have a bad, BAD addiction to Half Price Books. (It something I cant help) I went there Friday with my sister in law, brother an their kids. (My brother and the kids stayed in the car. Even though I told them I would take along time) Needless to say I spent probably around 60 dollars. Hey, in my defense though I bought Gilmore Girls season 6 which was 25 dollars. :) Anyways, I got some books (of course), and those are show cased in the In my mailbox post. Then I was going to go last night to the other one, but didn't feel like driving at night so I waited until today and made my mom drive. :) I just can't say no to buying tons of books when I go. (I guess it's a good thing I have coupons) I mean I find a book that's on my good reads list , and I'm like I have to get it because I might not be able to get it again for that price. I've had a few instances when I didn't buy a book and regretted it like Wonderous Strange by Lesley Livingston I saw it a few months back, and didn't get it like I should have, and haven't found it again. (I know I can go online and buy it but to me that's no fun) I learned my lesson from that now I usually just get the books. Today I spent close to 80 dollars, but I got 11 books that are on my GR list, and Dead like me Season 2. (If you haven't seen this show it's hilarious) I was definitely a happy camper, broke a little, but happy all the way.

Just for a little fun bit I took a few pictures of the Ya section at the store, and I found some of the American Girl books. (there will be a post sometime in the future about those) Then of course I couldn't resist taking pictures of my moms cat laying by my books. :)

I caught him asleep.

Then I woke him up. I love how he's sitting.

LOL I'm not sure Edward is liking the camera now


One little section. I just snapped the pictures.

The American Girls books I found. (Too bad I already had to many books)

Another little corner

That is all for now.
I promise to get some reviews up soon. I know I'm kind of slacking. :( Sorry.



  1. We don't have a half price books, I'm a little jealous. But maybe not. I think $140.00 spent on books in one weekend is A-Ok. As long as it's not coming out of the kids college fund.

  2. Jealous. I never find any good books at my secondhand bookstore.

  3. Sara- Nope, not coming out of any kids college funds. I'm all by myself. I actually think that is a reasonable amount for what I got. About 16 books and 2 season dvds. That sucks that you don't have one I couldn't imagine not having one. I would be completely lost.

    Aylee- Well that sucks I don't know what I would do without mine. (My personal library would probably suck) I've told a few people that didn't have one to leet me know what they're looking for and maybe I can find it there. If I can help spread the Half Price love I will. :)

  4. Looks like you got some great deals! Hope you enjoy Fixing Delilah, I've heard good things about that one.


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