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Some Signs of Book Addiction

Some signs of Book Addiction

I definitely have a problem.... do you? If you find yourself nodding your head to any of these statements, you might suffer from Book Addiction. Don't worry you are not alone.

I got the first ten of these from Kristi @ The Story Siren, and thought they were cute.(Also the adorable picture on the  right side) So I went searching for more, and here is what I came up with.

You know you a book addict when..
  1. You buy your purses based on how many books you can fit inside. 
  2. The Fed Ex and UPS carriers, know you by name. 
  3. Your family refuses to buy you books because they don't want to support your habit. 
  4. You own multiple versions of the same book. 
  5. You dream about books. (Getting them... meeting the authors that write them.) 
  6. You always have at least one book on you at all times. Even if it's just a quick trip to the dollar store
  7. You usually help shoppers at the bookstore, because you are more knowledgeable than the staff. 
  8. You've been known to skip family functions or outings with friends because you can't stop reading.
  9. There are books in every room of your house. 
  10. If you are within five miles of a bookstore, you find yourself drawn to it like a homing device from the mothership. 
  11. You trip over books walking into the living room because books are piled into every available corner!
  12. You have to clear space off of the couch just to have a place to sit down and read.
  13. You carry a book with you where ever you go and sometimes forget it can look strange.
  14. You own over 1500 books, have 800 in your TBR pile and STILL keep checking out books from the library!
  15. You resort to "storing" books everywhere: kitchen cabinets, in the freezer (it doesn't work anyway,) under the bed, etc.
  16. You hide your new purchases from your spouse/family, so you don't have to hear the words, "You bought another book?!"
  17. You buy so many books that you mistakenly buy the same book twice and have no idea until you put it in your bookshelf, right beside its duplicate lol.
  18. Your husband encourages you to do more giveaways on your blog after he trips over one of the many random piles of books around the house.
  19. You rather buy books instead of underwear, and the present underwear you are wearing has all holes in them.
  20. The following quote isn't so much a joke as a way of life: "When I get a little money I buy books; and if any is left I buy food and clothes" - Erasmus
  21. You sign up for double day books in your name and it feels so good when your books come in you sign up in your husbands name and then yet again in your mothers name.
  22. You have book lines on your face morning after morning instead of sheet marks!
  23. You get a job at Barnes and Noble just so you can get the employee discount.
  24. The number of books you own is greater than the mileage on your car.
  25. You name your children and or pets, after characters in your favorite books (I didn't do this, but I know people who have)
  26. The first place you go to in the store is the book section just to see if something new has come out in the 48 hours since you were last there.
  27. You delay going to the bathroom to finish "one more page!"
  28. You forget about the bathroom completely. :P
  29. Part of your monthly budget is allocated for books.
  30. You successfully get your daily reading in while waiting for the Internet pages to download.
  31. You can't weed out any books from your huge collection because you "just might" want to read them one day.
  32. You keep a spreadsheet listing the books you've read, the books you want to read, the stats on books read each month and each year.
  33. Anytime someone asks you what you want for your birthday, christmas, groundhog day, etc they MUST specify "besides a book"
  34. You own the hardcover, you've read it, but you buy the paperback anyway because, "the cover is really pretty!"
  35. You already have the book, but it has different covers so you buy the book if  you see a cover you don't have.
  36. You read when stopped at a red light. (Sometimes not a smart idea)
  37. You call work and tell them your running late, but will be there soon...When in reality your almost done with your book and can't leave the house until you finish it
  38. You walk out of a bookshop with bagfuls of books, but still feel guilty about all the poor books you left behind on the shelves (lonely, ignored and only wanting a loving home).
  39. Out of nowhere, you become a blogger of book reviews and become completely addicted to it. (don't you think it's a healthy addiction? reading, writing... that's a good thing... right?)
  40. People who "dog ear" pages instead of using bookmarks are your mortal enemy.
Can I make it to 100?
The italicized ones are true to me. :)
Have you seen any you'd like to add, or perhaps have some of your own? Let me hear them.


  1. haha this is great i definitly have about half of them!

  2. I love this list! Oh my goodness, it feels weird seeing it written out like that. Number one is my main requirement. My kids and my husband knows that. In fact, for Christmas they bought me summer purse. When I opened it, my kids told me that it was three books big!

    How have you been?

    Hey, you should add a subscribe to comments option :)

  3. I am guilty of 75 percent of the things you mentioned on your post! Another thing:

    You get into a discussion/conversation with a friend or family member and you mention a quote from a book you've read that's related to the situation you're talking about.

    And another:

    You encounter a problem or a situation where you need to make a decision and your first thought is "What would *state favorite book character/character in the book you're currently reading here* do?"

    Brush Up On Your Reading

  4. Heather- Thanks

    Peep- Lol, i don't even bother with purses i just carry the books in my car.
    I'm doing ok except for this cold or whatever it is I have. I live with two people who've had the flu , and then my other family members who have colds. I'm a mess of sickness other then that I'm good. :)

    Nina- Those are both true to me. My sister in law and me get into book discussions. I got her to read the VA Series now she's starting the TMI series (which I have yet to read).

  5. I hate being sick. I try to stay away from people that are sick. It'd be hard if I lived with someone that was sick though. I hope you feel better soon!

  6. Haha, so true. I am very addicted. :)

  7. haha, I love your additions to Kristi's list :) I do a few of these...

  8. Peep- Me too I try to avoid it but it's hard seeing as how I work at a pharmacy full of sick customers. I hate doctors too so I usually stay sick until it runs its course, or i get yelled at enough by the people around me to go to the doctor. (which I have a feeling I'll be going to Mon)

    SR- Lol when I was looking for more of these I knew most people would be like that is so me and very true.

    Aylee- :) I saw her list, and I knew I would have to go and add to it because I'm freaking nuts like that.

  9. I would like to add: You read at the gym because you need to exercise but that is not an excuse for not reading.

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