Sunday, January 9, 2011

Ten good things on a monday (Movie edition)

This is a Newish Meme hosted by Nina over at Brush Up On Your Reading.
I thought it looked like fun to do, and I love movies. Although, it says you can make your own list I believe. I'm going to go with the list she made. It's ten good things on a Monday: 2011 movies I want to see.
It's funny because a few weeks ago my sister in law and I were going through some of the sequels coming out this year for some of the our favorite firsts like cars, PotC, Xmen, Transformers, and so forth. So with that being said.

My list:
  1. Pirates of the Caribbean 4: Seriously, need I say more about this one. I'm kind of sad that some of the other characters won't be in it, but Sparrow will so it's all good :( I love Captian Sparrow ok well really I like Johnny Depp. Plus it has zombies, and mermaids. May 20,2011
  2. Season of the witch: I saw the previews for this on an awards show I was watching then I saw the other regular previews. It looks really good, and it has the paranormal like aspect to it. If that makes any sense. January 7,2011 (So it's already out)
  3. I am Number four: I actually didn't know this was a book until recently,but it looks really good. It actually sounds like a tv show that used to come on called Rosewell, but anyways should be cool. Feb 18,2011
  4. Jane Eyre: I saw this on the list, and although I haven't read the book old or new. I really want to, and with a movie coming it out I always like to see the movie and then read the book if possible to see people's take on them. March 11,2011
  5. Little Red Riding Hood: It's produced by Catherine Hardicke (Twilight producer) so hopefully it would be good. Plus another telling of LRRH could be interesting. March 11,2011
  6. Beastly: It just looks interesting. :) March 18,2011
  7. Fast and the Furious 5: Ok ok I know there's alot of these right, but it actually has the 2 original people in it Vin Diesel, and Paul Walker. Not to mention I loved all the others. April 29,2011
  8. Transformers 3: I've loved both the transformers before so it's only naturally that I want to see the third. Plus, no Megan Fox in this one. (Sorry I'm not a fan of hers) July 1,2011
  9. The Smurfs: OMG! I saw this as a preview during another movie I watched, and was excited. I remember watching the smurfs when I was little, and loved Papa Smurf, Smurfette, and I can't think of the others. This should be a really cute movie. July 29,2011
  10. Gnomeo and Juliet: Ok I know this is a cartoon, but it looks adorable I saw the previews at another movie I was watching. A movie about gnomes how cute. February 11,2011
This was really, really hard to pick ten that I wanted to see because well you still have HP 7: the second part which duh I have to see. Then you have the Breaking Dawn beginning: a must. Also it looked like a few others that are sequels, and tri-quels (Is that even a word. lol) are coming out too. I was overwhelmed with the awesomeness of movie coming out this year. My poor wallet between the new books and new movies. I'm already completely broke. :)

To see where I came up with my list, and see what else is coming out in 2011 go here


  1. Great list you got! And wow you got the Smurfs there! I must have missed them but I do want to watch that too :D

    Have a fantastic week!

    Brush Up On Your Reading

  2. Nina- Yeah I probably wouldn't have known had I not seen the previews already. I have the theme song stuck in my head.

    Sara- I know I love movies too. I'm just sad I can't see them as much as I use to. Darn bills and what not.

  3. Yeah, the kept saying that they were filming The Smurfs around town. I live in new york and sometimes they let people know not to park on the street because of a movie...and when I saw the smurfs I was wondering if it was a joke or something hahah.

    But Fast and Furious FIVE?! Sheeeeesh. I'll probably see it lol. Awesome list!!

  4. LG- I'm excited about the smurfs movie.

    I know number 5 right? I'm usually not one for so many movie after the fact like scream, and saw , but I love the fast cars and action and what not in these movies and some of the guys don't hurt either. :)

  5. I'm looking forward to so many of those movies!

  6. I can't wait it should be a good year og books and movies.:)


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