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Hello my darlings!

This might be a rather long post because I'm hyped up (on what I couldn't tell you maybe it's the stereoid shot from my doctor. It's totally legal I promise. I'm guessing prednisone of a sort.) I wonder if those can do that? (I should know this, but that is why I'm just a tech.), and I have stuff to say. Just a warning to you. Not all is book related. Some is friend related, some is work related, and some blog-related. Alright good now that you know...you may preceed.

Is it worth it to read on. I think it is! Then again I'm biased. :)

WORK AND DOCTORS (you can skip this if you want. I promise it's not life altering)

Hehe, or in my case doctors horrible prescription writing.

I'm in a good mood tonight despite the fact that I had to go to the doctor, and got a shot in the butt. That was not fun. Shots always tend to leave me bruised, and hurting for the next few days. (On the upside I got to read some of my book while sitting in the room waiting for the doctor)Oh, and also despite having to go back to work when I clearly felt craptastic. Why did I have to go back? Let's just say someone else (who calls in lot) called in. I honestly don't understand it. I know this junk is going around. (Bronchitis, flu, pneumonia-sp) Trust me I know I live with two people who have both of those, and my darling family members that have it. It just irritates me (I guess because I'm to damn stubborn to call in, and say hey I'm feeling bad I'm not coming today.) that it's constant. Then last week, our pharmacist tells a co-worker. "You sound bad just don't come in tomorrow, and we will find somebody." Like we have extras to work! WTH? I know I'm tripping right? Why can't I ever get special treatment like that sheesh. I guess it's the 15 years vs my 5 years.

Okay, I'm off topic. I really had a good day and night. I don't think I've ever talked. I say talked I mean texted about so much book (and some non-related book) stuff ever, EVER! I quite enjoyed it. It's fun to learn new things about books you didn't know. Thanks for sharing with me. I tell ya it's amazing what you learn. :) To YOU..you know who you are. Awesome with the ness. A much needed talk. Sometimes talks can put things in perspective for you when you're not even looking for it to. Hope you feel better too. I need to find some friends around me (my little spot here in TX) who read, and enjoy what I do. It would be fun to get together at signings, or any book event. I notice most are in Austin though. Four hours or around that is a long drive by yourself. (Don't have to worry about that now that I'm freaking carless, it sucks, I'm just saying.) Oh and I loved twittering a bit tonight with Lisa D. (I'm still excited about O.S. third..Excited is a charm.)

Then chatting a bit with a new author (Well new to me anyway) who for some reason decided to follow me on twitter. (Glad you did. The books sound awesome. I can't wait now.  April is a few months away, and totally my birthday 4-4. People..Remember that date! ;) j/k ) Las Vegas Dazzle by Pam Langsam. The first two chapters are on her FB page here. Then her book website is here. Her website is here. Another Native Dallas Texan.

I'm telling you Dario sounds freaking cute not to mention he has that mysterious, bad boy feel to him, but then again he's part of a mob. I love the dangerous boys! Then Taylor who has mysterious dreams about a boy she doesn't know. Sound interesting. Go take a look.

BLOG/BANNER CHANGE..THOUGHT PROCESS: (it's all the same in the end)
I've been thinking I want to change my look. (the banner and everything) Only problem is I can't find, or make a banner that I think would fit with my theme. I have this image (well partial image) in my head of what kind of banner and button I want, but I'm so graphically stupid (I don't even know if that is right) when it comes to putting things together or making one that I haven't. :( I see all these awesome looking banners with the people reading books or book related, and I envy them. (Seriously I do!) kay, so here goes my description of the image in my brain. I want a banner with a few people sitting around a table (or circle for the matter) with books maybe kinda to the side of this room that they would be in with maybe some thought bubbles as to what the people are thinking and a door over to the side that reads Bookaholics Anonymous. I told you I've thought this through all except for what they might be thinking. I'm sure I could figure something out. What would you put as a thought bubble? I know one of mine is Books come first, and our lives come second. Or maybe that'll be the groups slogan.

Some random icons. Just because I can.
I feel like this sometimes after I come out of Half Price Books with bags. :)


Oh this looks kinda like my closet here at my moms house is going to start looking soon.

Looks like me after HPB.

That is very,very true.
I hope you enjoyed this very long, graphicized post. I'm officially going to sleep as it's 4am, and I have to be at work at 8am.

Much love...
Happy Reading and Blogging

(Oh you can leave me message. I always comment back sometimes long comments.)


  1. First of all... I am very sorry you don't feel good and you had to get a shot in the butt... That sucks.
    Second, I feel you can right about what ever you want on your blog because... well its yours!

    Third... Here is a website with quite a few great blog templates that I used when I first started blogging: http://btemplates.com/
    or.. you can get a custom design.. I got mine from Danny at Dreamy blog designs, she does fantastic work and is not to pricey

    Lastly.. I too would love more bookie friends around me and I like your little pictures!!!

    Hope you have a great week!

    Book Junky!

  2. Hooray for randomness! Ah, blog banners. I can't even tell you how long it took me to create mine. I didn't use anything fancy, just Paint. It's a lot of work and I had to make a few compromises from my original idea that I had in my mind but overall, it was worth the work!
    Hope you feel better!

  3. Steph- Yeah shot suck. Thnks for the websites I'll have to check them out. I think it would be fun to have a book club/blog club around my area. I would definitely make friends easier that way I think.
    Thnks I thought the pcitures would be fun, add something to a otherwise boring post. :)

    Aylee- I'd say it was worth it. It's very cute. See I have paint also but even with that I'm so lost as how to make people graphics. I'm very particular I think whe it comes right down to it.
    I think I would feel better if I could just stay home a few days, and get it out of my system, but my job has other plans apparently.

  4. Butt shots suck! And not just for the patient. I'm a nurse and I know many who have to really concentrate on what they're doing because one wrong move and they could hit a major nerve. I did got a shot on my butt once too and it really hurt. Really sorry you had to go through that. I hope you're feeling better now.

    And thanks for dropping by my blog! Glad you liked my review, and you are so right, that part with Mia's Grandpa was totally touching. But to quote Mia's father: "I did not cry. I teared." :D

    Brush Up On Your Reading

  5. Nina- I didn't mind it so much it's just the after that you have a little of the feeling. :) I think maybe because last time I got one at the hospital it bruised badly and hurt for quite sometime.
    Lol, yep I'm actually curious too see where this second book leads to.

  6. Aw, shots suck. But book convos are great!

    Good luck with your banner. I second the suggestion for Danny's work. She's amazing.


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