Saturday, January 29, 2011

Weekend Lovelies (Yes this is my daily what the haps)

Alright, it is time again for another one of my ramblings. I know you all probably get sick of them, but I like to update even if there's no need to. I feel like I should have something on here to keep all of...whoever reads these in the know. I always have a way of tying it in with books...usually!

 I did go to my wonderful, favorite store EVER, and bought some stuff. I bought quite a few movies this time though because who can beat 3 dollars. Some movies I've seen like The House Bunny, Jeff Dunham: Arguing with myself (hilarious comedian BTW!), and Fired Up. Then I got Catch that Kid (curious to see Kristen Stewart in it), and Step up 2 (I have the first so it's only fitting right?), and then Heroes Season 2 (3 bucks man! Although I might already own it I can't remember. If I do I'll either sell it or give it away to someone) and last Friends Season 4 (I'm slowly but surely getting my friends season. There's what like 10 I think so 6 more to go). Oh I did get a few books too. :) Those will be up in a future IMM like always. I love going to HPB to because the workers there are always friendly, and they'll talk to you about whatever it is you're buying that day. Like the movies and stuff I bought my cashier was going on about the house bunny saying how he didn't think he'd enjoy, but after watching it he did. LOL.

Sorry. It's sideways. Stupid Camera!
Today is the day I finally got a library card. I know right! You would have thought that being obsessive and all with books now I would have done it awhile back. I guess I was being lazy, and not wanting to drive to where it was which is stupid because I drive near when I see my brother. I also owe it to my brother because he took his kids back a week or so ago to get them one, and told me about it. (I was thrilled I want my nieces to love books like I do) I finally told him today to come with me, and a library monster was born. :) I went into the library, and I swear when I went to the YA section I just about fainted. There were all these books I have on my list for free. (I'm sure I'll end up buying them sometime because that's just me) Still I wanted like a bunch, but seeing how I just got the card I could only pick 2 books. Boy, was that a hard decision. I wanted the Wonderous strange books, the sky is everywhere, the fat vampire, Prom, Wintergirls, and so many more. I finally had to settle on two which I've been wanting Nevermore by Kelly Creagh, and North of Beautiful by Justina Headley. I think I'm liking this idea because it gives me a time frame which to read the books so maybe I'll get more reading done this way. If I just go, and buy the book I kind of set it aside and wait. No more of that...nope..nope! After I picked my books out we (my brother and two nieces Hayley 7 and Karlie 4) stayed there a bit and let the girls look around, and enjoy the computer, and other things they had, and I of course read Nevermore since it's a big book I figured I'd start.

My brother and middle niece Karlie(4) enjoying the company of those stuffed animals.
My oldest niece Hayley who is 7. I promise she wasn't as miserable as she looked in the picture. She was ready to go to the park. We had already been at the library an hour. :)

Just another snapshot I decided to take of another part of the library. :)

 The YA section of the library. Are those not awesome looking chairs!
 This is one of the walls in the childrens section. It's cute.

 My very first library books and card. :)

I actually started reading Nevermore in the library because I've wanted to read it since it came out last year. I'll probably end up buying it, but for now I'm content.
Then I got North of Beautiful because I've heard some really good things out it as well, and of course I think cover is pretty.

When we were through at the library we went to the my old Elementary school's playground to let the kids play (and me read some). I learned that I'm out of shape I raced with the girls, and it was not pretty (I guess it doesn't help if you have been coughing) The oldest one beat me, but I stayed a little behind with the younger one because she kept saying ashley wait for me. How could I just leave her? I waited and ran beside her. These children are very full of energy. Even the youngest who is almost 2 was running around non-stop. She was all her daddy's responsibility though. Haha. I mean you see the picture on the side right? Well she ran all the way to the back. Nothing but little kid energy. Oh to be young like that again. :)

Giveaway at Lady Readers Stuff!

Do you like Pride and Prejudice? Do like Zombies? Okay, I admit Zombies little creepy. Still quite intriguing though. I wonder if there is such thing as a normal, friendly, not-eating-your-brain kind of Zombie. I wonder what kind of book that would make? Off topic right! What about all rolled together? Did you answer yes to any of the above? If so this is a giveaway for you. Alright so a friend of mine is having a giveaway for an awesome Pride and Prejudice and Zombies 2011 Calendar over at her blog Lady Readers Stuff check it out and enter dudes! What could it hurt. She's a sweetheart, and would love for everyone to enter. Who wouldn't want this creeptastic looking calendar? It's a must for lovers of all scarey things. You can totally use it for writing the dates your favorite books come out, or for when your favorite authors might be visiting your surrounding area. It has many purposes. So go on and Here's the link just in case you missed it. Pride and Prejudice and Zombies Calendar 2011.

Now that I have completely bored you with my Saturday off and all of my picture taking abilities. How was your Saturday? Did you have an eventful one? I know I'll have an eventful Sunday as well. I'm suppose to go to the Zoo with the nieces and brother and sis in law.

Happy Reading and Blogging


  1. Thanks Ash! You're the best. :)
    I'm so happy that you got a library card! I didn't know that you didn't have one before. Lexi and I go often. Especially for research purposes. (and she's only 5th grade)

  2. Not a problem always happy to help. :)
    I'm happy too I've been wanting to get one, but I thought you had to go through some process to get one. (at least that's what it said online for the ft worth library) so I didn't bother. I actually had one back when I was in elementary and our PL was a small little whole in the wall. Now it's so much nicer.

  3. I am so green with envy at your library finds and with your card! I hope I can be proud of the libraries here but they're virtually useless so when I graduated I've stopped going to libraries altogether.

    And thanks for reading my review of Plan B. I'm glad you liked it, and now I understand what you were talking about in your review of that book. I still enjoyed it nonetheless, just not enough to make me love it a lot.

    I hope you enjoy After as much as I did!

    Brush Up On Your Reading

  4. Yay for library cards! And yay for saving money!

  5. Oh, cool! You got "North of Beautiful" from the library. I read that book last fall and really enjoyed it. I'm curious to read your review and hear your thoughts.

  6. Nina- I was ecstatic about the books I found. I hoonestly didn't think that a small town like mine would have a good library. After I taken these back I'll be able to get as many as I want, and you better believe I will. I guess I never realized the use of a library. *shame on me* I always enjoy your reviews. :) I liked the book too just not like I hoped I would. I'm sure I will we seem to have some taste that are the same.

    Aylee- Yup especially for me. :) that doesn't mean I stop buying my books though I'll always love the search for books.

    Gina- I noticed a few good reviews on it, and when I saw it I knew that was one that I had to get first. It's my next read after I finish Nevermore with it's 5 hundred something pages.

  7. Yay for your library card! I think my library has the exact same chairs/table as yours (not the cool ones. The same old, same old pink and wood ones).

  8. SR- Lol. those must be standard library chairs. It's like each section has it's own theme sort of. The childrens area had the small little tables and chairs you'd find in a kindergartners class. I'll definitely have to get more pics.


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