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Bleeders Blog Tour: Michaela Haze interviews Sophia Taylor

Michaela Haze interviews Sophia Taylor

Hello readers, in case you didn’t know and are just thinking ‘Michaela Haze or Sophia Taylor—who here is the author and who here is the main character?’ Then I am Michaela Haze and I am the author of a novel called THE BLEEDERS—now The Bleeders is about a girl called Sophia Taylor, who prefers to be called Fia and is the story of how she ending up in an insane asylum after hiring a man named Henry Blaire to kill the two murderers of her sister.

That’s just a little bit of background and here is my interview with this rather…*clears throat* endearing character.

MH – Hi Sophia, how are you feeling today?

ST – What does that have anything to do with this interview?

MH – It’s an introduction…people generally say it when they first see someone…

ST – I fucking hate small talk.

MH – Alright.

ST – Do you have a lighter?

MH- Smoking is bad for you. You shouldn’t smoke.

ST – What am I getting in exchange for this interview? I am getting NOTHING! Give me a lighter so I can light my fucking lucky stripe or I am going to get up and walk away. There are so much more interesting people to talk to in life.

MH - *Whispers under her breath* I imagine insane asylums are full of interesting people…

ST – What was that?

MH – Nothing.

ST – Ask your questions.

MH – How did you feel when you found out your sister was dead?
Sophia is suddenly silent and stares at me for a few seconds as if she is trying to erase the question from her memories.

ST – You should call me Fia. I like to be called Fia—its better than being called Sophia.

MH – But I asked—

ST – I know what you asked. I felt like shit okay?
Fia Taylor no longer sounds angry to me, she sounds dead.

MH – Anything else?

ST – I felt as if it was my fault, as if I should have been there. I should have protected her. I always did, I spent my life being the one that reined her in and suddenly…she’s not here anymore and…I can’t talk about this.

MH – Do you consider yourself to have an addictive personality?

ST – Is that a joke?

MH – Not really.

ST – Yes, alcohol and cigarettes…even people, I have been told that I can get pretty obsessed with things and have to have them. I don’t see it that way but I have been told that I am like this.

MH – Who told you?

ST – My Mother.

MH – Do you get on with your mother?

ST – She is a whore. I haven’t spoken to her since her fifth husband and her third boob job.

MH – In a few words, how would you sum up this last year of your life?

ST – You should read The Bleeders, you know what happened.

MH – Humour me.

ST – I got addicted to this man, the man I hired to kill the murderers of my sister. He was addicted to blood—he had to drink it because he was a…daemon.

MH – A what?

ST – If you knew about them, they would kill you.

MH – What makes you say that?

ST – Because they are trying to kill me.

MH – Whose trying to kill you?

ST – You’re one of them aren’t you?! Oh GOD! Get away from me.
Sophia stands up, the chair hits the floor and suddenly she is beating her hands against her skull.

MH – I’m not a daemon…I’m just a writer…

ST – Get her away from me! Please! GUARDS! GET HER AWAY FROM ME!

MH – Stop! Stop hitting yourself, you’re going to get hurt.
I get up to try and help her, I grip her wrist to try and stop her from punching the side of her head, her knuckles are bleeding. Fia Taylor pushes me back.

GUARD – Miss Haze, I think you had better leave…

Ugh. What an eventful visit.

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