Monday, February 28, 2011

Books for Kids. Let's Give Back.

I came upon this acually a few times once on somebody's blog. (I'm sorry I forget whos) Then also on my facebook when Leah Clifford, Author of A Touch Mortal, posted it on her FB and asked for help.

I think this is such an awesome idea, and all it takes is a moment of your time to click on their youtube page, Books for Kids. Let's give back. and then click like. That's it. One like click= one dollar. A chance to make a difference in a kids life. So will you take that chance? Join Britney and Farrah from I Eat Words.

I'm going to leave you with a little story of my own. I didn't have it done at that particular hospital, but I still wanted to share. Now you have to forgive me because I had the operation when I was in first grade, so 6 years old. I'm now almost 25. A little forgetful. :) I had open heart surgery it was something to do with my aeorta being closed. I think at that age I'm not sure what was really going through my mind. All I knew was surgery. My parents had a hard decision before the actual surgery though. Did they want to try something less drastic? In hopes that maybe that would work? So they did. I don't know the technical terms for it so I just call it the balloon. It's where they went in and blew I guess like a balloon up. I remember this procedure because I actually woke up during it, and one of the people in there gave me some coke to drink. It was an odd feeling. This was one of the few things I remember. After that didn't work came the surgery. The few thing I remember of that was getting the anthesia (sp) and trying to hit my brother or someone with this power ranger walkie talkie I got a  hold of somehow and watching pippi long stockings and seeing the little engine that could. That was the last thing. Next thing I knew I was sitting in the hospital bed watching fireworks out the bedroom window in our down-town.

So try and put yourself in the mind of a child at a hospital. What are they thinking? How are they dealing with whats going on with them, or maybe even around them? Wouldn't it be nice if they could escape to a world where things weren't just black and white, but pink, purple, blue, green, yellow, and all those bright colors. To a land where they can be free from worry even if it is for just awhile.

Just think about click.
I'm not exactly sure how long they're going to be doing it either.

My little Vlog pretty much saying what I said above...only in person.

I hope I got some of you interested. 

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