Wednesday, February 9, 2011

My book shelf tour: Num Uno

Alright here it is My Bookshelf Tour Number Uno.
Fyi- It gets darker at like my last two shelves sorry about that. :)

I could explain all my shelves here, but I kind of do that in the video so I won't bore you with that reading. There are some pictures though in order.

The first bookshelves (built in) I show you are in my hallway. There's 6 shelves, but the shelf on the bottom is still home to pictures until I get more books.


The second bookshelves (built in) were put (well built in I should say) over in the corner out of the way of everything.

Thank you for taking the time to watch the video. I always enjoy showing you parts of my life. :)

(On a side note: I know I haven't done any reviews lately, but I just finished Nevermore and The Adoration of Jenna Fox. So I'm working on those two. Then I'm almost done with Delirium and The Bleeders so those will be up soon as well. :) I Promise I haven't forgotten the reviews.)


  1. The amount of hardbound books you have! :D I am jealous! :D You have all the books I want. O.O I feel like stealing some and reading them then returning them without you noticing :D hahaha. Great Tour Ash! :D I'll do the same after I get more books. ^^

  2. Awesome bookshelves! I'm extremely jealous! I would love to give a tour of mine, but I keep my books in boxes to save them from their impending doom of cat hair!

    I don't even have half as many books as you do. One day though I'll have an awesome collection!!!

    Great tour :)

  3. You have some awesome bookshelves! I have read a great deal of books you have on there. Have you read all the books you own or do you buy books even though you still have unread ones waiting for you (as I tend to do..)

    I'd love to do a bookshelf tour when I own more books, but my collection seems rather tiny compared to yours.

    By the way, you make a lot of funny sounds when filming (;

  4. Naj- Lol...I've put alot of money into making it big. Also though I have Goodwill to thank (which is where alot of the non-ya books came from a few years ago) Then 2 book clubs online for alot of the others, and of course amazon and HPB.

    Catherine- If I had all my in boxes I don't think I'd be able to walk around my apt. I mean I could but I'd be tripping over things alot. Have you been to Half price books? That's where alot of mine come from, and at very reasonable cost.

  5. Celine- Thank you. Yeah I tend to buy more books even though I have yet to read alot I already have. It's a habit I can't break.

    After watching this again you're right I do make alot of sounds huh? I guess it's my way of filling the silence. :)

  6. You have beautiful books!! I love your shelves!

  7. Beautiful books! They're all in such nice condition. You have a lovely collection. Thank you for sharing :)

  8. Miss.Remmers- Thank you. :)

    SR- Not a problem. It was your suggestion that made me want to do it. :)

  9. That is seriously insane Ashley. Really! And I'm 100% jealous! Man, I would love to have shelves like that.

  10. Aylee- Not as many as some people have though.

    Peep- Lol...i don't know what I'm gonna do when I move and I don't have my built in bookshelves. I have one bookcase which my dvds are on. hummm. What's up with your site Missy i can't get it to work?

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