Thursday, February 10, 2011

Overview? Interview and reviews

This is going to be a quick little overview of what I'm thinking because I'm actually tired, and want to cuddle up in my covers, watch some Dead like me, and sleep until I have to get up at 8am and work. :)

I got to do my FIRST interview today with Pam Langsam, Author of Vegas Dazzle, which was freaking awesome. At least I thought it was I hope she felt that it was good. Anyways, I have to figure it all out on how I want to write on here because I got to do it over the phone. Is that not cool?  I was nervous as hell, and my voice was shakey, and so were my hands. Lol. (Which was even funner. The phone interview part not the shakey hands. Is funner a word?)  So I had to make notes, and I have to decipher what I wrote. :) I can say with the interview I will be putting some other things with it dealing with the book of course. So you must read if you want to know my secret. (Which isn't really a secret because I posted it on another post. So if you read that then you know what I'm talking about.) I plan on getting this up in a few days or maybe next week because I have a few other posts. *cough* reviews *cough* I need to work on. Now with that being said.....

I'm working on my reviews for Nevermore and The Adoration of Jenna Fox. I promise I haven't forgotten, and I feel bad because I haven't posted any reviews in awhile. It's a book blog and I should do that in my opinion. I just can't seem to find the right words, or put them into the right form. Maybe, I'm just thinking to hard about it. I have no idea. You ever had that problem? Where you just can't seem to find those right words to express how you feel? I loved the books it's just putting the loving into words which gets me everytime. Nevertheless I will get it done. Which by the time that happens I'll probably have two or three other reviews to do, and I'm back in the same circle. This circle is a vicious little beast.

Okay seriously now I'm done. I need some sleep. Goodnight and good books. :)



  1. Looking really forward to your Adoration of Jenna Fox review. I want to read that one pretty bad, haven't bought it yet. I know what you mean about 'the right words' and reviews. It seems like I stumble upon that every time I go to write on.


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