Friday, February 4, 2011

Snow in Texas (video)

This actually has nothing to do with books what so ever, but I thought it was pretty granted it's just an apartment parking lot. I love when it actually snows....snows here in Texas not just the sleet/icey wintery mix stuff we've had the past 3 days. The actual thick flurries that fall and stick to the ground building a layer of snowy goodness on it. If it wasn't 12 in the morning I probably would have walked around longer and played in the snow more, but somebody might have mistaken me for some weirdo. :)



  1. Snowwww! I would love to see some snow for real! But because I'm in the Philippines, it's all sunshine and rain... But it's really cold here nowadays, but summer is definitely just around the corner, and it's sure to be really scorching.

    And by the way, because I think you're sweet and awesome, I'd like to pass The Irresistibly Sweet Blog Award to you. Congratulations!

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  2. That snow is so crazy! I can't believe you guys are getting so much snow down there. I hope you're all staying safe and having fun :)

  3. Nina- Well that sucks. We only ever get snow like this maybe once a year if that. The past two years though have been very snowy here. Of course not seeing it all the time people have no clue how to really drive in it so snow in Texas means stay off the roads because you have crazy people. :)

    SR- I know right it is. I'd be having fun if I could stay home and go out and play in it. Work would stop calling me to come in. I'm thinking today I'll be staying home though because nobody wants to come get me. YEA!

  4. Sorry. I hate anything snow. I hate being cold. I like warm and sunny days. Hehehe, ask me what I like when August is here and I'm melting!

  5. I love the snow, but I hate not being able to go out and do anything in it because living in Texas we don't see much and well we suck as drivers in the ice and snow.

  6. Well our winters aren't as bad as a lot of peoples, but we do get true winters. I read you went to the zoo a little bit ago? That's not even an option for us. We were covered in snow :) Snow until the end of much. Sometimes April. :(

  7. Yep we went Sunday before it all started, and it was so pretty. Nice weather and all. Then poof... Texas is very bipolar it doesn't know what to do. That sounds like to much snow for me. I like a couple days worth then it go away.

  8. haha, I think at the time that this was filmed it was actually warmer where I live than it was in Texas. And I live WAY north of you!

  9. Aylee- I know it's freakin nuts our weather. I one point last week someone told me our weather people said we were colder then anchorage, alaska.


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