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Review: Shadow Hills

AUTHOR: Anastasia Hopcus PUBLISHER: Egmont
PAGES: 391
SERIES/STAND ALONE: Series I believe

After her sister Athena's tragic death, it's obvious that grief-stricken Persephone "Phe" Archer no longer belongs in Los Angeles. Hoping to make sense of her sister's sudden demise and the cryptic dreams following it, Phe abandons her bubbly LA life to attend an uptight East Coast preparatory school in Shadow Hills, MA — a school which her sister mysteriously mentioned in her last diary entry before she died.

Once there, Phe quickly realizes that something is deeply amiss in her new town. Not only does Shadow Hills' history boast an unexplained epidemic that decimated hundreds of its citizens in the 1700s, but its modern townies also seem eerily psychic, with the bizarre ability to bend metal. Even Zach — the gorgeous stranger Phe meets and immediately begins to lust after — seems as if he is hiding something serious. Phe is determined to get to the bottom of it. The longer she stays there, the more she suspects that her sister's untimely death and her own destiny are intricately linked to those who reside in Shadow Hills.



Discussion Time: Domains/BBC/Ereaders

I have been dying to go to some kind of Book convention this year, and use it as a vacation. I'm actaully a little afraid of going by myself to an unknown city or state for that matter. I don't have any friends really interested in reading like I do. I wanted to go to the convention down in Austin (in April kind of like a birthday present to myself but I'm carless) but it looks like that probably won't happen so I'm thinking the next couple of ones are the dark days of supernatural which looks like it's coming to Texas in June? I'm guessing here. Or the bigger one which is the Book Blogger Con convention in New York. I'm interested to know if anyone is going to that. I think if I have some idea what it would be like then I could make myself save money for that (plane, food and hotel wise) I guess really I'm just curious. Any thoughts/ideas?

So I've been thinking also about getting a domain name. I've wanted one for a very, VERY long time now. I was just curious as to what everyone thinks. For those of you who have domain names where did you end up getting them from? How much? Is it easy to do?

One more question. Those who have E-readers: Kindle and Nook. Why do you like the one you have? Once I get my income tax check I was planning on getting myself one at first I wanted the Kindle, but now I'm thinking Nook. The only problem with the nook is I'm more of an amazon person then the other. Any thoughts?

This is my desk yet all I have on it are books. :0 That shelf is kind of bending in the middle I might have to change and put paperbacks up there.

Another picture of my desk with more added books.

This was just a random picture I decided to take. I decided that instead of just leaving everything I got in a box I would put it on the board and hang the board in my room. I'm weird I know. :)
So this is what my books and their shelf has come down to.
:( Very small compared what I did have with the built in bookshelves.

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Follow Friday (23) Blog Hop (22)

If you could physically put yourself into a book or series…which one would it be and why?
Okay, if you've read any of my blog, or know me then you would have to know the answer to this question! Anyone? Vampire Academy....duh!  I ab-so-lute-ly love the VA series and everything about it. I know it's ended, but still who wouldn't want to be in a world with Rose, Lissa, Dimitri, Adrian, and Christian.


Q. Inspired by the inane twitter trend of #100factsaboutme, give us five BOOK RELATED silly facts about you.

Hosted by Parajunkee
Five silly book facts huh?
1. I'm a bath tub reader. I've come very close to losing my darling books to the dreadful water. I always save them in the end though. :) You would think I'd learn by now.
2. If I find a book I already have that has a different cover I don't I usually get it.  Like last week I found the Uk cover of the Hunger Games, and got it.
3.I have a different ways of arranging my books. Now I have one shelf paperback the next hardback and so on..Flip flopping from paperback to hardback.
4. If it has a pretty cover the more interesting it becomes for me. It's the little things that fascinate me really.
5.No matter what I think Paranormal Ya will always be my number 1. I  try reading other things, but I always go back to the paranorm. :)

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Thoughts: Vegas Dazzle and other stuff

Alright so the first part of this is pretty much what's going on witht the Vegas Dazzle book that I keep talking about the interview, giveaway, and all. I'm so far behind on things. I'm sorry!

The second part is the books that I had gotten in December that I really don't want. If no one wants them by the end of this month or middle of April I'm just going to take them to a used bookstore. I'd rather see them go to a home. :) While I was cleaning my old apt I noticed I had some more boxes of books that the book club had sent me I didn't want either. I was going to return them, but never got around to it. Now it's to late so I'll have to see what they are, and put them up here to see if anyone wants them.

(not in video)
So I went to the bookstore today, and spent way over my normal amount. I did get some interesting books though. (They'll be next weeks IMM) I have to say though I bought like 5 for a friend. Two of which I have read, and loved so I thought she needed to read them. :) One is a series so I bought all three, and the fourth comes out in April. Which is perfect because she doesn't read them until the series is finished.

That's all for now!

Happy Reading and Blogging.

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This is in my mailbox hosted by Kristi of The Story Siren

So as you can tell my room is slowly getting decorated. Yea for Alice and Vampire Diaries.

Science Fiction Book Club
So I got these from well SFBC because there was a sale going on, and I couldn't pass it up. I also ordered I am number 4, but didn't get it.
Halo by Alexandr A.
Graceling by Kristin Cashore
Pegasus by Robin Mckinley

From Amy at lady Readers Bookstuff
Thanks to Nikki (American Girl book)
Meet Julie (American Girl)

Hunger Games (Uk cover though)
Guitar Girl by Sarra Manning
Across the Universe by Beth Revis (bought for a friend)

Shimmer by Alyson Noel

Notebooks that are for readers (3)


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Follow Friday (22) Blog Hop (21)

So I decided to do this one a little differently. :) I was a little bored and I'm a little video crazy.

Follow Friday is hosted by ParaJunkee
Q. How did you come up with your blog name?
In short my sister in law. :)
Longer exp. watch video.
Blog Hop is hosted by Jennifer at Crazy for Books
Q. Do you read only one book at a time, or do you have several going at once?"I use to have several going at once, but I'm trying to stop that.
For more watch my video.

Sorry I haven't gotten around to doing much on here. I did a review on The body finder, Then one will be coming up on Shadow Hills. Right now I'm reading All about Daisy, and after that I'll probably try to finish some of the other books I started (I mention them in the video)

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Review: The Body Finder

AUTHOR: Kimberly Derting
PUBLISHER: HarperCollins
PAGES: 336
SERIES/STAND ALONE: Series (Desires of the Dead book 2)

Violet Ambrose is grappling with two major issues: Jay Heaton and her morbid secret ability. While the sixteen-year-old is confused by her new feelings for her best friend since childhood, she is more disturbed by her "power" to sense dead bodies—or at least those that have been murdered. Since she was a little girl, she has felt the echoes the dead leave behind in the world . . . and the imprints that attach to their killers.
Violet has never considered her strange talent to be a gift; it mostly just led her to find dead birds her cat left for her. But now that a serial killer is terrorizing her small town, and the echoes of the local girls he's claimed haunt her daily, Violet realizes she might be the only person who can stop him. (Want more of the synposis go to Good Reads)


I'm dying to read Desires of the Dead now that I finally got around to reading this one.

I liked how this one wasn't focused on the paranormal creatures like alot are lately. It has a different take on ones "special abilities" I liked the fact that Violet could sense/feel the dead through her sense/taste/smell. It was interesting to read what the "killer's" taste was like to Violet. Then the way each of the dead had a specific sound to them, or as she calls them echoes. The mystery part of the story was the best part of the book--mystery/YA/supernatural=awesomeness! I'm definitely going to look for more mystery YAs.

The author also wrote in short little chapters of what the killer was thinking, and how the killings made him feel. It was like a euphoric feeling to him. I would say something else, but I'll leave it at that. :) I had a fun time trying to guess the killer, and let me tell you I was wrong.

I enjoyed everyone of the characters as well. You know how sometimes you have that one character you kind of hate? Well I didn't really have one of those in the story besides the killer of course.  Violet was an awesome character not to whiney like most. Then Jay, Violets Best Friend, who just happens to be a boy. Hum? He apparently gets hot over the summer break and well I will let your mind wander the rest. Chelsea was funny in a mean way. She had me cracking up. Jules was the anti-girly girl and Claire was pretty much in my view ditzy. Some of the conversations betweeen Claire and Chelsea funny stuff. It's nice when you can have friends that are your complete opposites. (Even though sometimes it doesn't work well it usually is balanced out) Also I liked the whole family dynamic the way her mom and dad were there to support her when something did happen, and to let her know that no matter they were with her. Does the sound right? Her uncle is also in it which I thought was cool because you rarely see other family members and if you do they don't really have a big part.

So basically my likes:
-The short chapters with the killers thoughts
-The fact that Violet could sense/feel the dead through sense/taste/smell
-Both her parents were involved in some way in her life even her uncle was.
-Her friends, Jay, Chelsea, Jules, and Claire.
-The mystery

-maybe a little slow to begin with but it picked up rather quick
-Don't get me wrong like I said LOVED all the characters, but the stubborn-ness of a few got to me (you'll see what I mean. At least I think you will)

-  I didn't say I wouldn't skip school. You just have to ask me first. (Jay)
-What are you doing here? (Violet)
I couldn't sleep . What about you? (Jay)
She opted for the obvious and filled her voice with as much sarcasm as she could. I live here actually. (Violet)
Ha-ha smart-ass. I was asking if maybe you couldn't sleep too. (Jay)
-You even use to make up funny stories about those poor little lost creatures of yours. Remember Bob the Squirrel banker who forgot to pay his electric bill and froze to death. (Greg Ambrose-Violets dad)
-For a smart girl, you're a little dense Vi. (Jay)
-Knock it off, you guys. Get a room, for God sakes! (Chelsea)
-I'd offer to take you for a test-drive, but I'm afraid supercop over there would probably Taser me with his stun gun. (Jay) (I think because of taser I completely thought of Paranormalcy)
-I'm just saying, Jules, he'd better watch his back tonight, or I might be trying to take you away from him. -Chelsea loved playing the bi-curious card, even though everyone knew she liked boys far too much to go bat for the other team-(Chelsea)
Gross! (Claire)
Don't worry Claire-Bear. I'm not going to hook up with Jules. I'm much more likely to make a move on you.
Ewww. Get away from me! (Claire)
Leave her alone, Chels, Or you're gonna make her start her It's Adam and Eve and not Adam and Steve speech. And, sorry Claire but none of us want to hear that. (Jules)
-I swear Claire-bear, I am going to call your mom and tell her you need to start riding the short bus. You really need to start practicing your bitchy comments. What are you gonna do when we're not around here to get your back? (Chelsea)
Geez, Chels, I don't even ride the short bus. (Claire)

BOOK TRAILER: I don't know if this was an official one, but I liked it all the same.

Sorry my reviews have different things in them. I'm trying different things out. :)

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A little bit of family (Vlog)

A little glimpse at my family and me

I was bored the otehr night, and figured why not play with the webcam. Then come my nieces so here is what we came up with :)

I love when Lainey says "Hi Ashley..."

In my mailbox 19: Feeling Generous Edition

 In My Mailbox hosted by Kristi of The story siren

I now have a room. YEA! As you can tell my poor bookshelf is stuffed.

Desires of the dead by Kimberly Derting
Vesper by Jeff Sampson
Deadly Little Secrets by Laurie Faria Stolarz
Once in a fullmoon by Ellen Schrieber

The next two I bought for some people. :)
I heart You, You haunt me by Lisa S
Peeps' The Last Days by Scott Westerfield

The Bards of bone plain by Patricia Mkillip

Hungry for you by Lynsay Sands (I might keep and read then give it to someone)

If no one wants them I'll just take them to a bookstore probably.
In to deep by Jayne Ann Krentz (If you want let me know)
Somewhere along the way by Jodi Thomas (If you want let me know)
Christmas eve at friday harbour (If you want let me know)
Ruthless Game by Christine Feehan (If you want let me know)
Promise Canyon by Robyn Carr (If you want let me know)

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Follow Friday (21) Blog Hop (20)

If I gave you £50 (or $80) and sent you into a bookshop right now, what would be in your basket when you finally staggered to the till?
Humm that is a hard question. I would have to go with Choker, Afterlife, Demonglass, Unearthly, and I know there are others I just can't think right now. :)

Who are You the Boy/Girl, instead of You the Blogger?I'm Ashley the girl. A 24 year old pharmacy tech at CVS. I'm actually waiting to hear back from a hospital job. I just moved in with my brother and sister in law and kids. I have my own room now. YEA! I have one little cat named Hermione. There's not much about me really besides work, and blogging. I live a pretty boring life. I have to adnit I've enjoyed this community sooo much. I've met some really good friends as well. (you all know who you are)
My name is Ashley
But I sometimes go by Ash
I'm 24
But I don't always act it
Im a brunette
But I have my blonde moments
I love my friends
but I hate backstabbers
I'm very talkative around friends
But I'm very shy around new people
I act like I'm tough
But I'm really very sensitive
I'm good at listening
but I have hard time giving advice
I'm very sweet
but I have my bitchy side as does everyone.
I'm easy to trust
But I don't trust easily
I love my job
but I don't always want to be there.
That is me in a nutshell. HA!

Sorry this isn't much info. :(

Vegas Dazzle Book Trailer

Envision your world being turned upside down in a place that changes your life forever. A place where anything is possible … Where you find a love for only your heart’s desire, your perfect other half, your soul’s mate. Together you are whisped away on an adventure of immaculate love, danger, and intrisity that alters your world forever. 

Taylor has been forced to leave behind her life in England when her father takes a job as an executive pilot for one of the largest Hotels & Casinos in fabulous Las Vegas, leaving all that she knows behind. She must start over in a city full of lights that sits in the middle of the desert. There everything is beautiful, exhilarating and very lucrative.

People say Las Vegas is absolutely positively the most exciting place on earth! Being corrupt, getting away with murder and having tons of money seems to be a way of life, and oddly enough accepted.

At first Taylor is devastated leaving England, but she is pleasantly surprised when she finds that Las Vegas offers her new dreams that she never knew could exist or even possibly come true.

Meeting the mysterious, attractive Dario Mancini aka prince of the mob, forces her life to take a dangerous, exotic, thrilling turn. Their souls bound together gives them powers beyond the forces of nature altering them forevermore.

But keep in mind everything has its price…

The new book trailer for Vegas Dazzle. :)

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Video Review: Hate List

AUTHOR: Jennifer Brown
PUBLISHER: Little Brown and Company
PAGES: 405
SOURCE: Library

OUTLINE: Five months ago, Valerie Leftman's boyfriend, Nick, opened fire on their school cafeteria. Shot trying to stop him, Valerie inadvertently saved the life of a classmate, but was implicated in the shootings because of the list she helped create. A list of people and things she and Nick hated. The list he used to pick his targets.Now, after a summer of seclusion, Val is forced to confront her guilt as she returns to school to complete her senior year. Haunted by the memory of the boyfriend she still loves and navigating rocky relationships with her family, former friends and the girl whose life she saved, Val must come to grips with the tragedy that took place and her role in it, in order to make amends and move on with her life.

STARTED: Feb 26, 2011
FINISHED: Mar 2,2011


I did this review in Vlog format. Hope it's enjoyable.

Oops I just realized there's 4 parts to the book. When I was looking through it at my quotes.


-People do it all the time--assume that they "know" what's going on in someone else's head. That's impossible. And to think it's possible is a mistake. A really big mistake. A life-ruining one if you're not careful.
-Because who you are is supposed to be the easiest question in the world to answer, right? Only for me it hadn't been easy for a very long time. maybe it never was. (Val)
-Being my friend would be a tough risk to take. (Val)
- A little edward Scissorhands or something, but in a cool way. (Stacey)
-Pretending my heart wasn't breaking, Pretending I wasn't angry, confused, scared. (Val)
-Life isn't fair. A fair is a place where you eat corndogs and ride the ferris Wheel. (Dr Heiler)
I hate when you say that. (Val)
-So do my kids. (Dr)
- It's the sunrise that gets people's attention. Rebirth always does. (Bea)
- Being pretty isn't everything, but sometimes being ugly. (Val)
-Now that I knew who I wasn't, I was determined to remember who I was. Who I would become. (Val)


Sunday, March 6, 2011

New beginnings to old ends (An Ashley rant)

This is the house!!!

So I'm super excited this week. If you watched my IMM Vlog all the way through. (It was sort of long. Sorry about that!) then you know why I'm excited. I finally get to move out of my mom's apartment and my apartment that I haven't lived in since last October. I'll have my own room, and I can be loud (okay not to loud because I'll have 3 younger kids in the house too) Still it's better then a lonely apt where my puppy passed away, or in a smoke filled apartment with one bed and one bath, and me sleeping on a futon in the living room. Yeah, I'm excited. It will be hard to condense all the stuff I have, and by that I mean ALL my books, movies and big furniture. Here's my predicament: I have a big black book, big white bookcase, a desk, a dresser, a nightstand, a stand for my tv, and tons of other smaller bookcases. Not to mention a bed, papsan (sp) chair. Problem the rooms are small. So I don't know what to do. I want to be able to keep all my books out because I love being able to look at them. I'm afraid that some I've had for along time might be boxed  up though. I'll just keep out my YA books which is a very, VERY big majority of them. Still I'm very happy. Now if I can just get the job at the Hospital I'd be on the way to enjoying my life a little more, and it wouldn't be as sucky as it has been the past few months for me. :)
The back of the house. Yes, it needs a little work. Which they are doing.

A backyard. We have a backyard!!! I haven't had a backyard since like 2005.

Main bathroom.

Small Bedroom 1. I'm not sure which will be mine. Either this or the next one!

Or this one. They're pretty much the same size.

The living room with a fireplace and a mantle.

The kitchen with new appliances and everything. :)

Another angle of the living room and backdoor. My brother and Niece also.

That's pretty much all I wanted to say. We actually get to start moving tomorrow. I'll be at work until 3, but after that it's time to go home. :) You better believe once I have everything like I want in my room. I will have pictures to show how I managed to wiggle everything in there. Also pictures of the house. If you don't see alot of posts from me in the next few days or maybe week or two this is also why. I'll have to get the internet connected there.

North of Beautiful Review

AUTHOR: Justina Chen Headley
PUBLISHER: Little, Brown Young
PAGES: 373

She's tall, blond, and has an enviable body. But with one turn of her cheek, all people notice is her unmistakably "flawed" face. Terra secretly plans to leave her stifling small town in the Northwest and escape to an East Coast college, but gets pushed off-course by her controlling father. When an unexpected collision puts Terra directly in Jacob's path, the handsome but quirky Goth boy immediately challenges her assumptions about herself and her life, and she is forced in yet another direction. With her carefully laid plans disrupted, will Terra be able to find her true path?

STARTED: 2-14-11
FINISHED: 2-18-11

This might not be a long or helpful review, but I'm going to write it anyway. :) The way I see this book is it's about loving yourself (looks and beyond) and being true to who you are. Something I think alot of people have a hard time doing. Whether they want to admit openly or not is a different story. Myself personally I've always had a picture in my mind of how I look, and I don't like it. I've never liked the way I look. I always saw all my others friends growing up, and I still being close to perfect. At least better then me. Is it sad for me to say that? Yes, because I know that no one is perfect, and no one is 100% satisfied with themselves. (or maybe they are. Who knows.)  That is just my way of thinking though. I have low self-esteem and it's something I've learned to deal with.

I loved this book just flat out loved it. I will admit it did take me a bit to get into it which for me is usually the case with most books, unless it's a series I've started and I know something about it.  I love books that are able to teach me something new. Ones that teach me things I didn't know about, or make me want to go google it to find out more. (Yes I said google it! I love google!) What exactly did I google? You'll have to keep reading. :)

It's through the eyes of Terra who was born with a port wine stain on her cheek. So if you saw her on one side she would seem like any other teenager the whole blonde hair, beautiful, and what not. If she turned to her other cheek that's when she would get the stares. The adults who just look and don't say anything, or the children who stare, and ask mommy or daddy what's wrong with that girl? Children are much more outspoken then adults. They say what's on their mind.  That is just one thing about her though. I loved her character so much. In the beginning she wasn't as strong of a character, but she grew into herself. She became strong. That is always a good thing when you can see a character change from beginning to end. She began with a super cute, athletic boyfriend. She was only with him because she was afraid she wouldn't find anyone to like her for her. Don't alot of girls do this same exact thing? She was stuck at home with a mom who coward down to her husband.Two brothers who moved away as soon as possible. (One moved as far away as China) I have to say I hated the dad with a passion. I wanted to hit him. Tell him he was worthless, but then I would have looked stupid yelling at my book.

Then there's Jacob, the Asian goth  kid, who Terra almost ran over. Who like Terra had a few issues. (I won't tell you those) The friendship that grows between them is so cute. He teaches her about geocaching. Which sounds like so much fun to do. He also shows her how to be herself. He seems to know her better then the people she's lived with all her life. I loved Jacob!

So the book was broken up into 3 parts I believe. (Sorry I had to return it to the library so I don't it to look back on) On of the parts was Terra and her mom going to China to visit one of Terra's brothers. I enjoyed this part so much because the author took you on a journey through China, and what it's like over there. You got to see..okay read about some of the well-known structures there like the Great wall  when Terra and her mom on it. Then there was the gardens I believe. (I should have done this while I had the book. Whoops) Then she took you through some of the markets, and what those were like, and then down the regular housing editions. The descriptions were awesome. Then at the end they went to a few other places, and met people who I think also helped Terra to see the beauty in herself.

I enjoyed the end just as much, but that's all you're going to get from me. I've rattle on enough about the book.

-Wondering is just a breath away from hoping- Terra

-Why would I when I knew how precarious words could be, how betraying they were, how vulnerable they made you. -Terra

-Could you aim your light somewhere else...unless you plan on blinding me too. -Jacob

FAN MADE TRAILER: It's pretty good, and I love some of the quotes that were used. :)

In My Mailbox 18: Edition: Ashley goes edit crazy

This is In my mailbox hosted by Kristi of The Story Siren

Alright you'll notice my Vlog is a little different I was playing around with the editing on youtube. :) Adding stuff and all that jazz. I like the beginning though so I might keep that.
The song that is playing is one by Jackson Pearce, Author of Sisters Red. I have the actual Writer's Blok video on my site, or you can go to youtube, and type in Writer's blok. :) (The song itself might change in coming weeks I don't know)

All about daisy-O'dell Hutchison (Thank you so much)

Haven-Kristi Cook
A touch mortal- Leah Clifford
Clarity- Kim Harrington
The Iron witch-Karen Mahoney
Across the Universe- Beth revis

Going to Far-Jennifer Echols (FYI-I meant the lip ring Varen had on the cover of Nevermore)
Gone- Lisa McMann
13 days to midnight-Patrick Carman
The Reckoning-Kelley Armstrong
21 proms-Various authors
The Season of Risks-Susan Hubbard
Give up the Ghost- Megan Crewe
Grace-Elizabeth Scott
Living Dead Girl- Elizabeth Scott
Delirium- Lauren Oliver

What Happens in Vegas
You don't mess with the zohan
Happy Feet
Joan of Arcadia

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Follow Friday (20) Blog Hop (19)


Who's your all-time favorite book villain?
I haven't read tons of books to have an all-time favorite villian, but I do think Kalona and Neferet from the HoN series are pretty close to my faves. As much as I want to hate them I don't think I really can. Okay well maybe Neferet, but Kalona a Fallen Angel not so much. :) I'm telling you this is by far the most drama filled I've read. It would make quite an interesting Tv series. Day time show....Paranormal Drama. :) Sorry a little off topic I know.

Follow Friday
What embarrassing thing have you done on cold medicine? Honestly I can't think of anyhting I've done, but then again I hate taking medicine for anything.

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Writers' Blok: Video by Jackson Pearce

A MUST WATCH VIDEO! Parody of Kesha's Tik Tok

OMG! This was so freakin adorable.
This is what happens when I should be writing reviews I have, or doing something else productive. I you tube videos, and read authors blogs/sites. You can't tell me this was not awesome. A parody of Kesha's Tik Tok. I was laughing. Seriously. It's cute watch it if you haven't. I really need to get the sisters red by her. Also read her As you wish which is sitting on my shelf.

Ok so tell what'd you think?
I always enjoy watching her videos.

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Review: The Adoration of Jenna Fox

AUTHOR: Mary Pearson
PUBLISHER: Henry Holt and CO
PAGES: 266
SERIES/STAND ALONE: Ok, I've been told that a second one is coming out so I'm not sure. Apparently there is. It's called The Fox Inheritance.

OUTLINE: Who is Jenna Fox? Seventeen-year-old Jenna has been told that is her name. She has just awoken from a coma, they tell her, and she is still recovering from a terrible accident in which she was involved a year ago. But what happened before that? Jenna doesn't remember her life. Or does she? And are the memories really hers?

STARTED: Jan 24,2011
FINISHED: Feb 2, 2011

This review has been kind of sitting here waiting for me to write it, and I'm not sure what exactly to say about it without giving away some of the story's main twists and things. I will say this it had a few good twists, and wow moments. It did take me quite awhile to actually finish it. I think the main reason for that is I'm not much of a sci-fi, dystopian reader. Just like the few before this one that I've read namely The Hunger Games I just can't get into them. Still I keep trying hoping one book will change my mind. This is not to say I won't still read them. Once I start a series I like to finish it.

I liked Jenna as a character and I really felt bad for her waking up after a year in a coma, and not knowing anything about yourself. All she had to go on was what her parents told her and the videos of the "old Jenna Fox" that she watched. How would you feel if you just woke up and nothing seemed real? You don't know your parents, your grandmother, who your old friends were, nothing...not a thing. Not only that, but you weren't allowed outside your own home for reasons unknown to you. Pretty scarey huh? Then throughout the book she slowly learns and figures things out about herself. Where she use to live, why they moved, who her friends were. During the book she makes some new friends when her parents decide that it might be ok to let her go to school. This school isn't an ordinary school though. The kids there all have their own problems. She becomes close with a few like Allys and Ethan.

You know from reading that something is different about Jenna, but you don't actually learn what that is until later on. I'm sitting here looking at the cover, and now I get the puzzled cover too. I understand the coloring behind it. Sorry it's like it just clicked.

What to say about Ethan. Hum? I wasn't moved by him either way really. You know how there are some potential crushes in books that you get attached to. Well I didn't really feel that way about him or I think Dane maybe. Which ever I didn't care for either. There were a few lines, and "moments" in the book that I thought how cute (like when the were gardening with each other...flicking dirt on each other.) other then that nothing.
Then there's Allys to me she seemed kind of snobby and better then everyone else. I know..I know I should have felt bad for her or something because of what happened to her, but I couldn't she wanted to blame everyone else. Maybe it was or wasn't their fault who knows I just didn't like her. I would have much rather learned more about Kara and Locke, Jenna's old friends.

I did like the way the book wasn't actually written in chapters but kind of like time periods. When there was a chapter break it had instead poem like writing, or Jenna's thoughts that tied in with what was going to happen next. I don't how to explain it, but it was different.

I'll definitely read the next book just because of the way this one ended.

The other cover. I don't really like this one as much as the puzzle one!
This one does have a meaning behind it though when you read the book you understand.

BOOK TRAILER: I don't think this is an official one, but it's a really good one. It's creepy as hell too.

3 OF 5 STARS: Mainly because I couldn't get into it. 
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