Sunday, March 6, 2011

New beginnings to old ends (An Ashley rant)

This is the house!!!

So I'm super excited this week. If you watched my IMM Vlog all the way through. (It was sort of long. Sorry about that!) then you know why I'm excited. I finally get to move out of my mom's apartment and my apartment that I haven't lived in since last October. I'll have my own room, and I can be loud (okay not to loud because I'll have 3 younger kids in the house too) Still it's better then a lonely apt where my puppy passed away, or in a smoke filled apartment with one bed and one bath, and me sleeping on a futon in the living room. Yeah, I'm excited. It will be hard to condense all the stuff I have, and by that I mean ALL my books, movies and big furniture. Here's my predicament: I have a big black book, big white bookcase, a desk, a dresser, a nightstand, a stand for my tv, and tons of other smaller bookcases. Not to mention a bed, papsan (sp) chair. Problem the rooms are small. So I don't know what to do. I want to be able to keep all my books out because I love being able to look at them. I'm afraid that some I've had for along time might be boxed  up though. I'll just keep out my YA books which is a very, VERY big majority of them. Still I'm very happy. Now if I can just get the job at the Hospital I'd be on the way to enjoying my life a little more, and it wouldn't be as sucky as it has been the past few months for me. :)
The back of the house. Yes, it needs a little work. Which they are doing.

A backyard. We have a backyard!!! I haven't had a backyard since like 2005.

Main bathroom.

Small Bedroom 1. I'm not sure which will be mine. Either this or the next one!

Or this one. They're pretty much the same size.

The living room with a fireplace and a mantle.

The kitchen with new appliances and everything. :)

Another angle of the living room and backdoor. My brother and Niece also.

That's pretty much all I wanted to say. We actually get to start moving tomorrow. I'll be at work until 3, but after that it's time to go home. :) You better believe once I have everything like I want in my room. I will have pictures to show how I managed to wiggle everything in there. Also pictures of the house. If you don't see alot of posts from me in the next few days or maybe week or two this is also why. I'll have to get the internet connected there.


  1. Congrats on the new space Ashley! I'm sure you can find a way to fit all of your stuff! We just bought a fixer upper as well. It's going to be a dirty few weeks for us. Yours look much more livable than ours does!

  2. Congrats!! I'm so happy for you! I understand your predicament with your books. I like looking at mine too :)

  3. Peep- I hope so.

    SR- I know, but I'm afraid some will be going in boxes. :(

  4. I know more craappy apartments..or having to wory if I get my packages

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