Monday, March 21, 2011

Thoughts: Vegas Dazzle and other stuff

Alright so the first part of this is pretty much what's going on witht the Vegas Dazzle book that I keep talking about the interview, giveaway, and all. I'm so far behind on things. I'm sorry!

The second part is the books that I had gotten in December that I really don't want. If no one wants them by the end of this month or middle of April I'm just going to take them to a used bookstore. I'd rather see them go to a home. :) While I was cleaning my old apt I noticed I had some more boxes of books that the book club had sent me I didn't want either. I was going to return them, but never got around to it. Now it's to late so I'll have to see what they are, and put them up here to see if anyone wants them.

(not in video)
So I went to the bookstore today, and spent way over my normal amount. I did get some interesting books though. (They'll be next weeks IMM) I have to say though I bought like 5 for a friend. Two of which I have read, and loved so I thought she needed to read them. :) One is a series so I bought all three, and the fourth comes out in April. Which is perfect because she doesn't read them until the series is finished.

That's all for now!

Happy Reading and Blogging.


  1. So jealous of your friend! I haven't been by a Borders recently, but I should stop in and use that giftcard I know I have somewhere...

    I am discovering tons of books in my house I forgot about, too! I am moving in about two weeks, so go figure, lol.

  2. Sent out a package for you today. Then realized that I have a couple more books for you. Will send in a day or so. I'm gonna try and get some swag at the signing tomorrow to share. ;-)

    Your room is looking great! Love the Depp poster, so does Lexi! Have a great week.

  3. BG- I'm actually pretty generous with books if I've talked with you a bunch I'll usually watch out for books that you don't have and send them. As you can tell. :)

    Amy- I said once I can find a decent size box I'll send yours out.

    Those are the only things I have hanging on my wall actaully.

  4. That's more than I have on mine. At least in my bedroom. :) I have nothing on my bedroom walls. I'm very plain. The rest of the house is decorated. Very plain. though. I don't just hang anything up. I'm very picky.. Prolly has to do with the OCD. Damn disorder.

    I have Lexi's art in the formal living room. :)

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