Monday, May 23, 2011

Chills and Thrills Tour (My little recap)

May 22, 2011
Hurst, Texas

Alright, I actually got to go to this tour. You can not imagine how excited I was seeing as how I never get to go to any because there are rarely any near me. There were four authors Tera Lynn childs (Forgive my fins), Tracy Deebs (Tempest Rising), Jennifer archer (Through Her Eyes),and Lara Chapman (Flawless) who were there. I only to meet the first 3, but I was still glad. There weren't very many people there so I din't have to wait to long, and I even got a picture with them. YEA! They talked about their books and answered some questions. Although we weren't a very talkative group. We asked some question..they asked us question. FUN! After that we were able to get them to sign some books, and I even got up the courage to ask them a few question while they were signing. I asked Tera L Childs and Tracy Deebs what they thought about the whole e-reader thing, and they were nice enough to tell me what they thought and told me some other things. I was shocked to learn they make a little more from e-books. I asked what they thought about bloggers and they told me. I even recommended a book to Tracy Deebs. I thought that was pretty cool.

So all in all it was an awesome signing. I didn't take to many pictures, but below are a few. Also they had some bookmarks and things so I got a few extra to send to people. It might be for a future giveaway.(which I need to have), or I might send them out in future R.a.ks.

L-R Jennifer Archer, Me, Tracy Deebs, Tera Lynn Childs
I have a few others but this turned out the best. :)

Tracey Deebs talking about a book I think she said she was working on with someone called The international kissing club go check it out on goodreads.

Forgive my fins by Tera Lynn Childs (Mermaids)

In the arms of stone angels by Jordan Dane. She wasn't at this signing, but they had some signed copies.

Oh My Gods by Tera lynn Childs

Tempest Rising by Tracey Deebs (She said it's a darker version about mermaids)

Through Her Eyes by Jennifer Archer (Ghost story)


  1. Yay! I'm super happy that you were able to go! :)

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