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Author Interview and Giveaway: Tracey Campbell

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AUTHOR: Tracey L. Campbell
BOOK: Starcrossed: Pegriee (Book 1)
STALK (Ok not really, but check her sites out):
Site: Tracey L. Campbell 
Starcrossedthebook Site
Twitter: Traceylcampbell

Let's welcome Tracey to the site today!

1. I know this might seem like a repetitive question to you. What made you want to pursue writing?

I've always liked to write - I've been writing stories all my life. I believe, if you need to work for a living, then if possible, your job should be something you enjoy doing. So I'm hoping to make a living out of writing because it is what I enjoy most. It's also nice to think you've made your little mark on the world. Most published authors' books may not be considered literary classics, but it is still something, a little piece of themselves, which is left for the world to enjoy, even after the author has gone.

2. With all the Vampires, Werewolves, and Fairies in the YA world why did you choose to write about Aliens and the Hybrids? (because let's face it you don't see many alien YAs)

Some people may class aliens and hybrids as 'sci-fi' rather than paranormal, but I don't, and it's because I have a theory which to me makes everything come together, make sense, and is even now beginning to be backed up by scientific theories such as String Theory and M Theory. What if there really are 'other dimensions' which coexist next to or in the same space/time as ours? What if those dimensions occasionally 'bump into' our reality and somehow allow us to see the inhabitants of these other dimensions, or allow them to cross over into ours? This could explain so many creatures and beings of myths, legends and religions! Angels, ghosts, fairies, shadow people, aliens, poltergeists, gremlins... the list goes on! It could even explain where our 'souls' go when we die. Of course, I have no idea whether this is true or not but it certainly explains a lot to me, and it is easy for me to weave these things together to make a paranormal/sci-fi story.

I also decided to base this Starcrossed trilogy on aliens and hybrids because it is a favourite topic of mine. I saw an amazing UFO when I was a kid, and again when I was older (although not quite as spectacular as the first!) and the subject has intrigued me ever since. I absolutely loved the X-Files and love that kind of UFO lore (alien abduction, reports of hybridization, alien grays etc) and wanted to weave it all into a story which had elements of existing UFO lore and my own ideas and explanations.

Add to that the fact that the YA paranormal genre is saturated with vampires, werewolves, angels and demons, I wanted to do something a little different!

3. In the book you have just one relationship going with Lucy. Do you plan on keeping it that way, or are you going to make a love triangle somehow?

Hmm... all I can say is that I'm introducing a new male character - a 'dark whisperer' who is interested in a 'love triangle' with Lucy, but for all the wrong reasons!
(Okay, I totally want to read the next book now. :))

4. Ok, with that being said..How do you feel about the Ya love triangles?

I actually feel a little uncomfortable about them. To me, the essence of a romance is finding your 'one true love'. A character who can't make up her mind who she loves the most is a little off-putting to me, but I guess it all depends on how the author has written it. If done well, then I guess it could work.

5. I like your world building it's like MIB mixed with Roswell. (Movies and a series I love!) Was it hard building a world with the Innaki and the hybrids?

No, not hard at all because I love all that stuff too! I've watched so many documentaries, listened to and read so many interviews and books and the subject is so ripe for an intriguing thriller which could take place in so many locations linked to actual UFO and alternative history traditions. For instance, some of the scenes in the next book in the series, called 'Dark Matter' will involve the 'mythical' Great Library which is rumored to exist under the Sphinx on the Giza Plateau in Egypt. I'm also using some really interesting things my friends said they saw in Hawaii which just about blew my mind when I heard it! This subject is just so intriguing, and with the 'dimension' angle, it is easy to mix all the paranormal/sci-fi elements, myths, legends and modern day reports to present an exciting, mysterious reality.

6. It seems like it takes a lot of work and research sometimes to write, and make the story your own. Did you do any kind of research for your books?

As I said above, I've always been into the paranormal and UFO topics, so I've been researching for years. In Starcrossed: Perigee there is a scene in which I try to explain M Theory/String Theory and how scientists think there may be dimensions other than ours. I had to do quite a bit of research for that and attempt to get my head around it all. I'm happy to say a book reviewer actually mentioned that scene is the most coherent explanation of String Theory she's ever read, and I hope it goes a long way to explain how I think in relation to the paranormal. I'm going to have to do more research for Dark Matter because some of the locations in which it is set I've never visited before. Thank god for Google Earth and the internet!

7. In the story the characters get to travel. (I'll just leave it at that for those who haven't read it) Do you get to travel and if so where? What are some places you'd like to travel to?

I absolutely love traveling. Living in Australia, I don't get to travel all that much as it's quite remote and expensive to get anywhere. I've been to the USA (only California - I'd love to rent an RV and just potter around the entire country - especially the famous UFO places such as Roswell and Area 51!), Britain a number of times (my favorite place is Scotland) and Paris. Oh, and New Zealand - absolutely beautiful, but I didn't get to spend enough time there. If I had my way I'd be traveling all year. I would like to go visit the Pyramids in Egypt, backpack around Europe and go to a safari wildlife park in South Africa. I could go on and on so I'd better stop there!
(I would love to be able to travel to all of those places. Sadly I'm stuck in the US. )

8. What's the hardest part of writing for you?

The hardest part of writing is keeping focused. I have ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) so my attention span is very short and I'm easily distracted.

9. If you could work with any author (dead or alive) who would it be?

I would absolutely love to sit down and have a yack with Mark Twain. I love the way he thought: he was as sharp as a tack, and his words were precise, eloquent, intelligent, witty and timeless.

10. What advice would you give to someone who wants to become a writer?

Consider writing as an eternal learning process - read and learn and continually hone your craft. Write because you want to achieve something for yourself (even if it's just to write the best short story you can) rather than make a fortune and become the next J.K. Rowling (although that would be a bonus!)
Thank you so much Tracey for joining me on the site.
I enjoyed it very much!

Tracey has agreed to giveaway two Ebooks to readers of my blog.
Want to read this book? (I promise you'll want to!)
All you have to do is leave a comment on here or on my Starcrossed Review (preferably both, but I'm not picky) with your email address and some lovely words and I will do the rest.
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Giveaway ends July 4.

Updated: July 27th: I'm extending the giveaway because I forgot. (Life happens and it sucks)


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  2. Woohoo, great job, Tracey. See you in the sisterhood!
    Ashley, good interview. :)

  3. Very nice interview, Ashley! Tracy L. Campbell, I am happy to know that you are as interesting as I thought you were. Actually, I will start reading your book today!!! I ordered it from Amazon and just received it. Woohoo!
    Thank you ladies!

  4. Thank you both. I enjoyed doing the interview. :) it was definitely interesting to read her responses.

  5. Good interview. Tracey and I are Twitter-buddies, in a way, and now I feel I know her even better. I'm saving my pennies to buy Starcrossed: Perigee, but it wouldn't hurt my feeling one bit to win one. ;) Whoo-hoo! You go girl. Suzanne Lucero

  6. Wow! Thank you both, Ashley and Tracey for the interesting and informative interview! I am quite excited to read Starcrossed: Perigree, now and have put the novel on my TBR list. :)

    Thanks for the chance to win. Tracey, it is very generous of you to not only take the time to do this interview but also donate the ebooks! Thanks again.


  7. You guys are great. Thank you suzanne and miss amy.

  8. Sounds like a great book. Count me in for the giveaway. :-)


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