Monday, June 20, 2011

A co-creation, life, and whatever else.

A Co-Creation:
or A RAW Journey as I like to call it. 
This is the newest creation that my friend, Aubrey and I came up with. Okay, technically she came up with the site idea and me with the name. it isn't much right now because we just started, but it will turn into something. I mean with me being a reader and all I can add my two sense about that to it. (That doesn't mean I'll abandon this site though) Then her being a writer she can add her two sense. 
It would be awesome if you check it out.   Let us know what you think. What can we add, and that sort of thing. :)

Life is life it's always going to make you feel something. You just have to learn how to take the good with the bad. Everything is fine at the moment actually. Although I'm a little pissed off about my computer. It has some kind of virus on it, and I can't open anything so I can't do much to my site. The upside to that is I usually just stay in my room and read. Maybe, I can get through some of my TBR pile and review pile. 

Whatever else:
Oh I finished Enclave by Ann Aguirre today. The book was freakin' awesome. I'm not much of a dystopian reader, but I loved it. I took me two days to finish that has to tell you something. I also found my new fictional boy Fade. I won't say much until I can actually get around to writing a review, but if you haven't read this yet. I recommend it! If you have how awesome was it.

Also I'll be putting up an interview with Author, Tracey Campbell of Starcrossed as soon as I can.

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