Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A look at my old sites

This is me being a little bored.
I know everyone gets to see the me I am now, but what was I like back before my reading habits, and book buying. What did I do? How did I act? Let's just say I had an interesting middle school and high school life. If you do look at my sites you'll notice I was a bit I guess morbid one would say. I kept to myself alot because I had problems going on, and I'd rather not talk to people about them so it made it easier to just stay quiet and put everything I had into well these. They still don't tell my story completely. It may not seem like I had it bad, but in my mind I did. I was sent to 2 or 3 different psychatrist (sp). One of whom I did see for awhile. That's when I was diagnosed as been depressed and a little anti-social. At one point they wanted me to join in a group therapy. That never happened. I know a little off subject but you can understnad a little better why I was like that. If I only knew I would end up loving books maybe things could e been better.

Brat 4 Ever (First ever site on Angelfire)(Personal)
                                                   Darkness within me (Better personal Site)

House of Whorers (Doll Site, It's meant to read as Horrors)
Ashley's Site Palace (A place I had to keep all my sites)

House of Dolls (Another Cartoon Doll Site)
House of Dolls 2 (Second House of dolls)
A Cry for help (My poetry site)
                                                  Americas Attack (my tribute to 9-11)
Nite time Fun (Dedicated mainly to my chathouse friends)

Burnz World (Another Alter-ego of mine)

What's my name? (A place I had to put all my nicknames used for chatting)

In The Blink of An Eye (A blinkies site)
                                                        Dolls America (a doll site again)

These are all eminem sites I made. I was a little obsessed. :)
Anti-Anti Eminem (My Fan Site 2002)
Dreamin' In Eminem (Eminem Layout Site 2002)
The Un-official 8mile Site (my Fan site for the movie 8mile)
Eminem's World (Another site I made in 2002)
Got Eminem? (Eminem Picture site I made 2002)

I know I have tons more that got deleted or that I just can't remember where they are, but this the majority of them. :) (Note- Most aren't or haven't been updated in 5 or 6 years)


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