Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Pictures, Books, Pictures of books

I get a little overly excited when taking pictures sometimes. I think photography is fun. I am by no means a photographer, but when I see something I think...would that make a cool picture? I can not tell you how many random pictures I have on my facebook account. The sky, snow, books, random things, and my pets. That is exactly what this post is. Pictures of my bookshelves. I know I have tons of them, but everytime I move it changes so the pictures change. These are all of places where I had to put my books and the shelves. Remember these are only the YA books.

My daughter of the moon books by Lynne Ewing. They're sitting on my windowsill.

My DVD shelf turned Book shelf. :) You can tell I still have some dvds on there.
Below are the individual shelves broken down.

 The top of my white bookcase. Yes, I have started to collect the BDB series.

Shelf 1
My sad lonely book 2 HP is the only paperback I have in that collection. :(

Shelf 2
So I mainly have my dvds behind as you can tell but I have my books in front. Then I have goodies from different movies and shows. :)

Shelf 3
Most are hardback and then another twilight thing. Those are playing cards I think.

Last Shelf
My paperback books. This shelf I actually changed a little bit after taking the picture because I added some other books to it.

BOOKSHELF NUM DOS-The overstuffed bookshelf. As you can plainly see. :) This one really doesn't have any rhyme or reason to it. I try to keep hardbacks on one shelf and PB on another and sometimes that doesn't work.

Shelf Uno
I hate not being able to see what's behind but what can I do? I try to keep books in a series together though.

Shelf Dos
Paperbacks. That is all. :)

Shelf Tres
All hardbacks. :) Is it sad to say I forget what books are behind the front ones.

Shelf Quatro
This is really a mix. Most are series that I put together. Vanish is the one non-YA book I left out because I have to finish reading it.

Shelf Cinco
Hardbacks with a little bit of Beanie Babies. :)

Notice: Not a bookshelf.
Yeah this is my use to be desk. :) which kinda turned into...

a substitute bookshelf...
(Those are some of the first books/series in YA I read)
House of Night, The Immortals, Vampire Academy, and Wolves of Mercy fall.
That's why they get the special non bookshelf shelf. That looks like it's about to break. EEP!

The top (top) of my desk.
I told you books everywhere. Don't tell me I'm not addicted!

Bedside table
The one last spot they took over. :)


  1. Oh, wow. I'm having serious book envy over here.

  2. pocketbook pays for this obsession though.

  3. You have the BEST shelves ever! :)

  4. :) I work very hard on them too. (even though it doesn't look it) All which I have acquired within a year or so.

  5. OMG can I raid your bookshelf?? so many good books!

  6. your totally missing the VAMPIRE ACADEMY SERIES, if you haven't read them, then you are missing out lol

  7. Oh no I have them on my desk shelf. :) that is my all time fave series. I've read that series more than anything.

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