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Blog Tours

What is a blog tour? It is basically a way to promote a book. For a better explanation go here: 
 These are the tours I've done throughout my blogs life. If you click on the banner to the tour it will take you to it. Remember tours can be anything from reviews, character interviews, author interviews, excerpt, teasers. 

Note: for the most part my reviews on the pages will be short and to the point, but I will make a separate page for the longer review once the book is published. :)
2011 TOURS
 Feb 17th Interview with Sophie
Aug 12th

Pyxis by K.C Neal (Dec 5th)

Dec 29th


2013 TOURS
July 4th

  2014 TOURS
January 9th Stops here: January 9th
January 9th Stops here January 24
March 11 Stops here March 11th
March 11 Stops here March 26th
April 8th
March 11 Stops here May 1st
March 11 Stops here May 8th (No link)
March 20 Stops here May 20th
May 28 Stops here May 28th
March 28 Stops here June 25th (No link)
March 28 Stops here June 25th (No link)
July 12th
July 12th
The Unfinished Life of Alison Stone Aug 22nd
Sep 30 Stops here September 25
Sep 30 Stops here September 25-Guest Post
Sep 30 Stops here September 30-Q&A
Sep 30 Stops here September 30-Review
sep 30 Stops here October 4-Playlist
Oct 14 Stops here October 14-Review
Oct 14 Nov 4th

Oct 13

2015 TOURS
Jan 25th
Oct 14April 3rd-Review and Favorite Quotes
Oct 14 April 3rd- Review and Excerpt
Oct 14April 19th-Meet the Characters Profile
May 12th
Oct 14May 29th-Review
Oct 14 May 31st- Review
Oct 14June 19th-Review
June 26June 26th-Review
July 12thJuly 12th-Review
July 12thAugust 23rd-Review and Quotes
July 12thAugust 26th-Interview
Oct 13 Sept 17th-Review
October 8th
Oct 13October 13th-Review and Quotes
October 16th
Oct 13 October 31st
November 12th

2016 TOURS 
Oct 13Feb 21st-Review

Oct 13Feb 26th-Review
Oct 13Feb 27th-Review
Oct 13Feb 28th-Review


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