Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Book Discussions

Welcome to Book Discussions.
If you're anything like me then sometimes you just feel the need to discuss books. Problem is you don't have anyone who will listen. Everyone is to wrapped up in their "Real Life" to listen to you talk about the ones in your books. You can't tell them what awesome book you just finished. You can't rant about the stupid love triangle in the latest book you're reading. They don't understand your need to talk pretty book covers. (I'm totally guilty of this. I try and talk to my mom and I get this blank stare.) 

Look no further. I will randomly put up discussions dealing with books.
If you have a topic you think might work well let me know in the comments and I'll make a post about it.

Ya Dress Covers (coming soon)
I Dream in books! (Coming soon)

Random:  These sort of fit in with books if you stretch your imagination far enough. :)


  1. How's all the updating going Ash? Got my first rejection yesterday! From Dystel & Goderich. No running into Richelle Mead in the halls for me :(

  2. its going good. im liking this menu much better i can add so much more to it. i keep thinking of new things. i guess i should try to finish what i have. well that sucks but i have faith that itll all turn out good at least ur putting your book out there. i see as one step forward but then thats just me

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