Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The book is about so and so and

I'm guessing this is how book-deprived people feel
Have you ever tried to explain a book to someone and they just look at you like huh? We all know that as book lovers we want to share with everyone moms, dads, uncles, grannies, friends, bosses, enemies (ok maybe not so much our enemies but you get where I'm going with this.) Anyone who's in your life who will listen. Problem is they probably haven't the slightest clue what you're babbling on about (unless they also are bookworms like you) It's like trying to explain to them why the sky is blue.(I know sucky analogy). How about this it's like me trying to explain to you what a prior authorization from the insurance company is. Now unless you work in a doctors office or pharmacy you probably have no idea what I'm talking about. This is how our book-deprived people feel. 

I've tried plenty of times to explain to my mom what books are about, what a specific genre is, why I love the book cover, or things about books I find otherwise interesting. Want to know what I get in return? A blank stare (kind of like the picture of the cat above) sometimes if I'm lucky I get an "oh" or a nod of the head.  Why am I telling you this? Well because the other night while I was staying with her she was sitting on the couch reading a book I had just bought.9see picture above. I took that when she wasn't paying attention) (I had 9 books on the couch.) I was completely shocked. My mom reading! She hates reading (or doesn't understand why I like it) I think my jaw dropped. Then I watched her for a bit to make sure she was actually reading. She was. After the initial shock I grabbed my camera and took a picture, and asked her why she was reading. She said she was bored and the book looked interesting. Want to know what book she randomly picked from my pile. Away by Teri Hall it's the second book in The Line series. She picked a Dystopian type book and a second in the series. She picked one that doubley confused her. So being the nice daughter and book freak I am I tried to explain to her some things. 1.) What a dystopian book was. This did not go over so well. I told her it was a book set in the future kind of and the government usually has these strict set of rules for people to follow, and that it's usually some big disaster like a bomb that wipes out a lot of the country in order for this new government to form. Let me tell you what I confused myself after that. Her answer "That's what this sounds like." Oh my poor mom. She finally gave up and stopped. I asked her how far she got....wait for seven. Way to go mom! Way to stick with it. I asked her why she stopped. 'I didn't understand it." My reply "Well duh! You picked book two in the series and you picked a wacky genre to boot." I told her I was going to use this to put up on my site along with the picture. She told me I better not and to delete the picture. I didn't listen. This is the kind of loving relationship I have with my mom.

I also tried explaining to my friend what dystopian was because she asked me. I failed.
 I couldn't make it come out right.

I know this is sort of pointless but I found it to be an interesting topic. How do you react when some you know who doesn't like reading picks up a book, and reads a little bit of it? How do you go about explaining to non-readers what a certain genre is about? Are you like me and have a hard time? I would fail completely at making a how to book. I'm not an explainer.


  1. It's so hard to pick who likes to read and what genre they will be attracted to. I just found out today that a girl at my work likes epic fantasy, something I never would have guessed. I love it when people who don't read suddenly pick up books. Reading is just the most amazing thing. There have been times when I have been really shitty and then something in a book will cheer me up. You can't buy that kind of inspiration.
    I'm not an explainer either. Usually I just tell people to go and look something up on Wikipedia!!

  2. I agree my sister in law reads some, but she's more into the fantasy ones like LoTR which I'm not sure I could get into. I did get her to read the VA series last year and then TMI this year so we like some of the same things. No you can't buy that kind of inspiration. I just wish there was a way to show those people what they're missing. I've even gone and bought some books I've already read and have and tried given them to a friend for her to read. Didn't work she still has the book sitting on her table.

    Haha.. I love wikipedia and google if i can't find something I turn to those places for the definition or what not.

  3. I read somewhere that people will only be persuaded by their own emotional connection to something. So maybe one day when they're bored and need to escape into a world where anything can happen, people who don't usually read may pick up an urban fantasy or dystopian and will love it. The more readers the better!

  4. lol it's so hard to explain. i just tell people as best i can!

    Check out Em's WoW!
    Also check out the GREAT GIVEAWAYS we have going on right now.

  5. Lan- I agree. :)

    Sash and em- Yeah, I do too. I still get the what the heck are you talking about looks though.


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