Saturday, August 13, 2011

Discussion: So like what words...

 ....Do you say a lot? 

Are there words that no matter how hard you try not to say them they just come out? Do you stop and think what to say because gosh darnit every other word is that dreaded word? Is it bad enough that your friends, family, and colleagues mock you with those words? Did you say yes to any of those questions? If so read on, and if not I think you may be lying. :) So read on anyway just to humor me.

I will fully admit to having this problem, (You didn't think it was a problem did you?) and as far as I know there's no cure for diarrhea of the mouth. My definition of Mouth Diarrhea is I say certain words WAY to much. I'm not sure what made me think of this because I don't know. I guess when I'm writing reviews, writing in general, or vlogging (That's a funny word Vah-log-ing.) Anyway, I notice when doing the above mentioned that I tend to say things, well certain words quite a bit. It had me wondering if others do it as well, and do they notice that they do it, or am I just an oddball that notices weird things?

Okay, these are some of my said-once-to-many-time words. (and phrases because we all have those phrases we say) :)

 WORD to whoever!
1.) So (This is more for when I'm writing, and I know that's not a good thing)
2.) Like (This is a bad writing word for me too. It's always like this or like whatever. I'm like seriously.)
3.) Honestly (I honestly don't know why I have to say honestly. I guess I want people to know I'm not lying.)
4.) Definitely (When I mean something. I use it when I comment a lot.)

5.) Um (This is more for when I talk to people or to my video when I vlog. It is my place holder for when I'm trying to think of what to say. )
6.) Really (This is my sarcastic word. Seriously I do this are-you-freaking- kidding-me eye arch thing when I say it. I would kill to see if people try to imitate that.)
7.) OMG (Okay so I don't say O-M-G I say oh my god you get it though)
8.) Totally (I sound  like valley girly-ish.)
9.) Seriously. (Because would you take me serious if I didn't say this.)
10.) Okay. (Seriously I say okay like all the time even if it's not okay. I think this is like a work related thing. I say okay just so customers will shut-up.)

Sentence time: Um, so I'm like okay honestly do you really, seriously think oh my god did that just totally happen. (This is what a brain on 3:30 am is like)

1.) I don't know. (I say say this all the time, and it drives my family nuts)
2.) I don't care. (Um self explanatory.)

So if you have read through all this I applaud you. 
This has been a 2am rambling by yours truly.
Joing in and let me know that I'm not the only crazy one who does this with words.


  1. I am guilty of saying all these things and so much more. I am also guilty of being one of those people who uses smiley face icons and frowns too much as well. It's so hard not to when there is only so much expression you can convey with just words. Maybe it's because I'm not that good with words and I need a little something extra to really display how I am feeling. That's a bit of a scary thought as a writer....

  2. Oh, I know I say tons more things, but those are ones that are stuck in my mind, and in a way it drives me crazy because I know I'm being repetitive, and I don't like seeing those written in my stories or here, but it's like a bad habit. You know it's bad,but hell if you try and stop.

    I'm bad with the smiley icons to and the parenthesis. It's like my thoughts within my thoughts. Problem is I can't help it. That's just the way I type, and apparently think.

    Words can only make you feel so much so I just try and go with it.

  3. Do you think it's a nervous thing too? I know when I'm nervous I start to prattle on and just try to fill up dead air with "like, definitely" and a whole list of other useless words. Have you thought of maybe scripting your vlogs and then casually reading off it like an auto cue? I've seen other youtubers do it a lot.

  4. Just noticed that I've taken to calling you Ash. Sorry if it offends. I tend to just give people automatic nicknames when I get to know them better :)

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  6. Oh I am so guilty of many of these!! My tops are "ya know" (but you gotta run it all together so it is more along the lines of "yano"), "exactly!", "seriously", and the infamous "like" (I'm from Southern California... I've just tell people now saying "like" all the time is my Valley Girl Accent.)

    Sorry, I had a typo on my first post that I couldn't handle just sitting there for the blogging world to see. LOL!

  7. Lan: It could very well be a nervous thing because along with doing this I'll use my hands to convey what I'm saying, or I'll be doing something else while talking.
    I haven't really thought about scripting it. I just turn it on and pretty much go from there. I've thought about going back and editing it them cutting out what bothers me, but for the life of me I can't find a video editor. I guess I'm not trying hard.
    Lol... It's totally cool I've been called that all my life by everyone friends, family, even co-workers. :)

  8. Marlana: I use that one to "ya know." I'm also bad with "Ya'll" being from Texas and all. I have a co-worker that's from philly who makes fun of the way we talk. (we make fun of her too.)


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