Monday, August 29, 2011

Do I look like that kind of girl?

Guys, I get it okay, or you know what actually I don't get it. Why..why..why is it that when you stand over in the YA section of a book store all of a sudden you're a "Twilight kind of girl." Don't take this the wrong way because I read the books. Yes. They helped my love of reading. Yes. Seriously though? Do I have a stamp on my forehead that I can't see that says "Hey I'm standing here so therefore I must love Twilight. It is my bible."  A little over-dramatic I know. I guess you're wondering what brought this up. I always have a reason behind my crazy postings. So here it is...
My story
I walk into a bookstore today, and like always I go to the YA section because let's face where else would I go right? I'm looking at the bookshelves for a bit when this guy (Probably close to my age) comes over,and asks me what kind of books I read. I thought okay this isn't so bad he's just being nice. I then tell him I like different things. I don't have a set genre I like really, it's just whatever sound good at the moment. Then he says, "You look kind of like a twilight girl. I'm not sure why though." At this point I was ready to walk away, or I was hoping the friend I went there with would come over. Didn't happen. Then he goes on about how he likes sci-fi and fantasy and his dad has this thing for zombies. Which he's not sure why because they're something I don't remember what he said after that. I just wanted him to leave. Sometimes I wish I would carry around a little tape recorder to capture some of the weirdest stuff people say.

Sorry, I had to let that out. It's just irritating I guess. 
Am I being mean? Should I have engaged in that conversation more? What would ya'll have done? Has anyone ever said you look like (insert whatever here) type girl? 
FYI- I had Some Girls are by Courtney Summers in my hand.


  1. Aww Ash, did he seem like he was being mean about it? Maybe he just wanted to have a chat? Sometimes people just say random stupid things without thinking about it and really, I can think of worse things to be called than a Twilight girl :) I can see how you would be annoyed though.

  2. No, I don't thin he was being mean. He probably just wanted to chat, but of all the things he could have said. I know there are worse things. I guerss it just pushed me the wrong way.

  3. The all important question is: Was he cute??

  4. Lol...I can't type today. I guess that's what happens when you wake up and answer stuff.

    In answer to your question. He wasn't ugly.

  5. Hmmm maybe he was trying to start a conversation because he liked you? You should have gone for it! If nothing else, it would've made a great book!

  6. The girl meets a boy in a bookstore book at least it's not a science class room.

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