Friday, September 9, 2011

Book Trailer: 56 Cranberry Street: Apartment B (Just Watch)

Interested in this apartment? Contact us. To learn more about it, read on.

If you're shopping for luxury and convenience at an affordable price, we've got just the home for you.

Welcome to 56 Cranberry Street, Apartment B. Conveniently located near
shops, restaurants, and parks, 56 Cranberry St. has it all.

Live in luxury in this stately home featuring thirteen hundred square feet, and newly refinished hardwood floors, two bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a beautiful (working!) fireplace.

You'll enjoy recessed light fixtures and ample dining space for family dinners. Prepare culinary masterpieces in the bright spacious kitchen featuring all-new stainless steel appliances, and afterwards, relax in a sinfully decadent soaking tub.

Young children are welcome; it's perfect for new families, with close proximity to countless delights and surprises.

Contact us now for immediate viewing-and see what this house has in store for you! We're waiting!

LOL.. If you read this far (or already watched the video) then you know this is a booktrailer for Bedbugs. It made you think they were actually selling an apartment. I'm like this can't be right when I was watching it, and then came the end. I'm like shaking and itchy just thinking about it, and what makes it worse is my cat loves bringing roaches, or bugs she finds into my room.

Story time: The other night I was laying on my air mattress because I don't have an actual bed. (I'm getting one though) Anyways, I was laying on it and it's kind of deflated so my cat comes wondering in my room, and starts acting nuts right in front of me. (I can't see anything because I have covers in my way) I move the covers away and this things runs underneath my tv stand, and I know right away it's a roach. FYI I hate, HATE roaches. I will not, can not go to sleep or lay back down until it's dead or out of my room so I run to the kitchen and grab what ever spray I can that's under the sink. (which happens to be OFF bug repellent. We didn't have actual bug spray) I come back into my room, and start spraying like crazy underneath my tv stand and all along the walls so if the little bugger goes near them maybe it'll slowly ingest the spray. I remove everything I had on my tv stand, and everything underneath so my cat could get in there and kill the damn bug, and she goes underneath, and just stares. Then Luna the otehr cat we have comes in and takes interest in the bug that's hiding under there. So I'd say about 15 or 20 minutes of spraying and the cats messing under the stand Luna comes out with the bug iun her mouth, and runs in the hallway in my nieces bedroom, and I slam my door to keep it out. This is all happening at like 2am so I was being loud. MY bad!

Any of you ever have those kinds of crazy moments? What bugs do you detest? I can handle most any other bugs, but I refuse to let a roach live. Sorry.

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