Saturday, September 3, 2011

Labor Day Read-A-Thon Update #1

Well here's my first update on the blog for the read-a-thon.
I was able to finish Everlasting by Alyson Noel late last night which had about 80 pages or so left. I'm really not sure what to think about the ending of that series though. I kind of felt it came together easy. Anyways more of that on the review to come.

The next one I read was The Day Before by Lisa Schroeder. I finished it earlier today. I have to admit I enjoy her books a lot. They have so much emotion, and I get tied up in the characters. Even spending that 24 hour period with Amber and Cade. I wanted so much for them. Review to come.

Now I'm about 50 pages into The Julian Game by Adele Griffin. So far it's ok I understand why the cover is what it is now. :) If I get through this one I'll probably try and read Bad taste in boys.

That is how my day is going so far. :)


  1. I am always in awe at the rate at which my blogger friends read. I have read a total of zero books in the last week. I keep collecting them and they're all sitting there wanting to be read but then I start blog stalking and ten hours later I have no more time!!

  2. :) I'm actually really bad at reading to it usually takes me a week or so, but I figure I'm off, and what better way to knock out some of the smaller books I have. The versus books aren't so bad they're actually easy to read. I also get caught up in doing other things though.

  3. Thanks for the congrats Ashley, this is kind of a big thing and I'm happy to have your support! Also, your read-a-thon looks like it's going awesome. I have a tbr pile as long as both my arms!

  4. :) Not a problem I like to see that good things like that happen for people. Oh, it's going. It would probably be better if I stopped doing other things like watching OTH.


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