Sunday, September 4, 2011

Tour of my room.

This comes from pure boredom. I know I know I should be doing other things, but I what's a little time spent showing you who I am.


  1. I have so many things I want to say but the video moves so quickly I can't remember half the stuff. First off, have you been to the optometrist yet? I just noticed your glasses and remembered. Secondly, you have so many books!! Thirdly, Red Riding Hood was a horrible horrible movie and also, I still don't like cats!

  2. :) No, I haven't I might call Monday, and see if I can get an appt. I know I said that last week. Yeah, see now why i'm doing the readathon thing even though I'm not doing it well. You know I actually rented RRH because I thought I would like it turns out I watched like the first 10 minutes and turned it off. I do love the poster though. I love posters. Cats are not that bad. You saw mine she just sat there. Luna on the other hand is a demon.


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