Sunday, October 2, 2011

Favorite books of 2011 Contest at Princess Bookie

Wow, I had to go back and look at the books I've read this year, and try to pick out my favorites. This was pretty hard because I really enjoyed of them. Some more then others, but they all have they're own special thing about them so it's hard to say. For the purpose of this particular post though I will try.
  1. Bloodlines by Richelle Mead-  This is just a " BIG DUH" for anyone who knows me. I ab-so-freakin-lutely loved it. Although, I missed my Rose and Dimitri. (Yes, they're MINE) I was happy to see the world from Sydney's eyes, and of course our spirit crazed Adrian. :)
  2. Vegas Dazzle by Pam Langsam- I waited forever to read this when I learned about it at the beginning of the year, but I definitely won't wait to read the second when it comes out because I'm already missing my Dario. :) (if you haven't heard of the book. Go look it up. I think there's still a giveaway on Goodreads.) I'll be doing a giveaway of this sometime. It's signed and everything. :)
  3. Enclave by Ann Aguirre- The first dystopian that really kept my attention. It has a few parts I wasn't thrilled with, but i can totally overlook those because it has Fade.
  4. Starcrossed by Tracey L. Campbell- I'm not much for the alien/sci-fi thing, but I adored this book. I can't for the second to come out. :)
  5. Six Moon Summer by S.M Reine- Werewolves, and not the typical ones either. I enjoyed this because it takes a new perspective of the WW.
Yes, those are my choices, but like I said I've read others that I thoroughly enjoyed.


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