Wednesday, October 5, 2011

A little Change and some updates

Just thought I'd drop a small post, and see what you all think of the Halloween layout. 
I'll change it again come Thanksgiving and then Christmas, and then probably back to my old design. (I loved my old banner.) That is unless I can some how make my own banner that was similar to the other with the group of girls. Anyways, not the point so what do you all think? (I'm having a very difficult time not saying or typing Y'all. it's the Texan in me.) I had this banner or another one, and I couldn't decide. Maybe, I'll change it half way through the month. I don't know I'm very indecisive.

On another note I'm always happy to get books in the mail. It makes my days a little brighter, and with the kind of days I've had lately it's always welcomed. I need to read my Riley Bloom books. I have soooo many books to read. I'm like AHHHHHHHH. I know my next one after Divergent and Identical will be Catching Fire. I will finally give in and read the rest of the hunger games books. After that I'm not sure, but probably some of the review books I've received

I do have a few on my kindle that I haven't been able to get to because my kindle is being stubborn. ( I guess it doesn't help that I kind of lost my charger for it, and it's dead. It somewhere in my messy room. I think. I travel with my kindle and it's charger back and forth to my moms so yeah.) So the books I was reading on my kindle I'm having to try and read on the computer. Which for me is getting harder because my eyes still hurt, and if I look at the computer to long I get major headaches. :( So for the books I'm having to read (The Vampire Way, Gypsy Knights, Elemental Reality) I am slowly but surely reading them, and will have reviews up as soon as I finish. Sorry for the inconvenience. FYI- Chargers and me never get along very well. I always lose them, or they ruin somehow.


  1. After you read Catching Fire your copy of Raw Blue will have arrived so you can read that!! I am loving the Halloween layout and if I weren't so technologically handicapped I would try and change my blog as well!

  2. :) Thank you. I'm always here to help you. I have fun trying to come up with new designs. The only ones I've actually designed are all mine, and then my friends. I will definitely read raw blue when it gets here.

  3. Great review thank you for sharing it with us ...
    Vertical Jump Bible


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