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Book Review: Raw Blue by Kirsty Eagar

AUTHOR: Kirsty Eagar
PUBLISHED: June 29th 2009
PUBLISHER: Penguin Books Australia
PAGES: 274
SOURCE: Lan from The Write Obsession sent me a copy. Thanks

Carly has dropped out of uni to spend her days surfing and her nights working as a cook in a Manly café. Surfing is the one thing she loves doing … and the only thing that helps her stop thinking about what happened two years ago at schoolies week.

And then Carly meets Ryan, a local at the break, fresh out of jail. When Ryan learns the truth, Carly has to decide. Will she let the past bury her? Or can she let go of her anger and shame, and find the courage to be happy?


So I'm sitting here writing this and my phone goes off and the ringtone is "I need you now" by Lady Antebellum, and for some reason that song reminds me of the book. I rarely associate songs and books together but I don't know maybe, it's the sadness in the song and the alone-ness that Carly feels.

I first heard about this book from Linds at Bibliophile Brouhaha back in December maybe. I can't remember exactly, but I do remember that after I read the synopsis and just the way she raved about it that I wanted to read it. The only problem was I couldn't get it because it's an Australian book. It was out of my hands I had it where it would alert me on Book depository if it ever came in. Still no luck! Then came some giveaways, and me posting crazily on my blog here how I wanted it. See I still have "The Case for Carly" Badge  on the right side. :) This is where my story ends happily because a friend who lives in Australia offered to get me a copy and send it to me! So now I have my very own Raw Blue to gush over, and it's going to make it's way to another friend as soon as I can send it. Now that you have read through my endless chatter on how I came upon the book I bet you're ready for the review huh?

Can I just say I love it a few hundred times and be done? No, you want a little more than that huh? Well, alright going into the story I knew it might be hard to read for a few reasons:
1. The surfing aspect- I absolutely know nothing about surfing except for what I see in the movies, and even then I'm a like huh? Surfing played a very huge part in the book it was one of Carly's escapes from the world. What's weird is even though I was confused with the surf lingo. I loved it. I got to read about something outside my norm. Every time I watch a movie about surfing, (or now read about it) I'm like that would be so much fun to learn to do. I'm know that I would totally suck at it, but the thought of trying something is always fun.
2. The matter for which causes Carly's unhappiness (or a big portion of it)- I figured it would be hard to read about Carly's story. Although it's very limited to what we know, what we do know is she was raped, and she hid that from everyone her friends, family. No one ever knew. Going through it alone must have been hell. I'm not going to pretend I know how it feels, and seeing her emotions towards things I can only guess. It hurt to read it sometimes. I'm the type of person if your hurt or upset or crying. I'm going to feel that too. I know it sounds weird, but I hate seeing people upset. ( I do this with my mom when she's having one of her days. I'm like "Mom, don't cry please because you know I'll be joining you.") I'm a pretty sensitive person.

3. The Australian Lingo- It throws me for a loop sometimes. Even emailing back and forth with a friend of mine I'm like huh? I have to stop and think about it. I think the main one was "How are you going?" When I first read that from Lan (My buddy) I was like umm..oh "How are you doing?" it gets me everytime, but you know I like to see that no one in the worlds alike. I love learning things about Australia that I would have probably never learned otherwise. I'll occasionally say it to someone, and they look at me strange. It's fun.

Now that I completely went away from my normal reviewing ways I'll try to get back on track.
I love the writing. I think Kirsty Eagar has a unique way of telling a story that makes you fall for the characters whether their good or bad. I know I did. I fell very hard for them. Carly, Ryan, Kylie, Danny, Hannah, and the others but these are the ones I loved to read about the most.

Carly would definitely rank on the enemies to best friends scale, a very close friend. That is if I were able to get close enough to her. She's a very guarded person. Who would blame her for what's happened. I wanted Carly to be happy. It's funny how some characters you can pretty much relate to, and some you can't. I'm not saying that I can relate to her because of what happened, but just for the fact that she feels alone in the world. That when you try and talk to people they nod and agree (or give crappy remarks) but most the time they don't really hear you. So why bother? It's easier to just close yourself off, and be in that safe little bubble you've made for yourself rather than having everything criticized and exposed. Despite everything Carly has gone through she genuinely cares for the people around her. We see later on that she slowly opens herself up a little more to a few people, Ryan a surfer who just got out of prison, Danny, a kid who has a "gift" for seeing peoples colours, and of course Hannah who lives above her.

Danny is a kid that Carly meets one day out on the waves, and from then on a friendship blossoms. I loved Danny's character because he didn't care what others thought of him. When the surf dudes messed with him saying that they shouldn't be on the water or the breaks because  children and girls don't belong. He simply responded with "It's our break too."

Ryan, I knew I would enjoy his characters as soon as he collided with Carly in the water. He's not one of these perfect guys we tend to see in stories. He's a very flawed character. The thing is he learns from his mistakes at one time maybe he wasn't the person who he should have been, but he becomes more then just another criminal. He seems to care about Carly when he learns more about her. He wants to help her, and be there for her. Oh, and the insta-love never happened. Their fondness for each grew with time. None of the I love you. You are my one crap that happens the day they meet. Score.

I will say this I wanted things to happen. I got mad at the characters when stuff didn't, and the I was happy when stuff did. It was definitely one hell of a rollercoaster ride.

So yeah that's pretty much it, and if you stuck with me this long. YOU are awesome. :)

-Sometimes staying in bed isn't as scary as getting out of it- Carly ( I feel this way sometimes. Sometimes you're like why bother getting out when nothing bad can happen if you just lay there.)
-Why do they put mate on the end of every sentence? Is it to let the other know the transmission is finished, like over on a two way radio.-Carly
-Knowing that your voice can mean so much to one person.

Interview with Kirsty Eagar at Bibliophile Brouhaha


  1. I'm so glad you enjoyed it! Isn't the writing just amazing? I loved all the characters, especially Danny and Hannah. And I am still obsessed with Ryan to this day. Surfings not my thing either so I hope people don't think that all Australians love to surf and then ride around in the pouches of kangaroos...

  2. It really, really is. I know both of them cracked me up. Danny and his colour thing. I liked when Carly told him he was shiny. I adored Ryan. I love that he's not your typical Ya-ish guy. lol at the kangaroo. I haven't once thought about a kangaroo and Australia together. This darn thing to ok me forever to write. I would start and then stop, and I'm like I'm never going to get this review done.

  3. Ash, I love how passionate you get about your reviews and even when you go off tangent it's funny to read. I love the new blog design by the way. For some reason, the green text really agrees with me. Anyway, I have ANOTHER wedding tonight so I better go and get ready! Have a great night and weekend if I don't speak to you before.

  4. :) Aww thanks. I try to be serious about them, but in my own way add my goofiness.
    It's funny you say that because I'm actually writing up a post about reviews. One of the many things I have stuck in my head. That I need to get out.

    Yeah, I'll probably end up changing it come December with a xmas-y theme. Then after xmas I don't know if I'll re-do it again, or go back to my older one. I have a hard time keeping one layout.

    Hope you have fun at the wedding. :)

  5. Great review! I enjoyed this one too - though not as much as you but it was still a fun read. I liked hearing the Aussie lingo it gave it a read Aussie feel. Glad you enjoyed it so much - and I recommend any and all Aussie books they're all awesome!

    Xpresso Reads

  6. Thanks for the shoutout, hon. I'm always so glad to hear that people like this book since I crazy love it. And I loved the tying in of the song. . . Let's bring Carly to the States!


  7. great review you have piqued my interest and i love books that take you on a roller coaster ride!

  8. Oh I can't wait to read this one! I've wanted to ever since I saw Melissa's review at i swim for oceans and she loved it (and it turned her on to contemp). I love reading books with the lingo of the country in it. Usually it's the UK but Australian lingo is fun too! And it makes you feel like you're really there. I mean opposed to an American writing a book that takes place in Australia.
    This book just sounds so amazing and I can't wait to read it!

  9. Giselle- So I've been told. :)

    Linds- Np. It was fate that the song went off while typing this. No, not really but I thought it fit.

    Kimba- Yea! I've done my job then.

    Candace- Yeah, I enjoyed that part of it.

  10. I'm so glad that you loved this one, although I am a little jealous/sad because while I did like it, I never felt that consuming love for this book that I had expected too. I do plan to reread it, so we'll see if that changes. Awesome review though! I love how much you love this book! :D


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