Thursday, November 17, 2011

Discussion: Review Overload?!

I haven't had a discussion on here in awhile so I figured now would be a good time. This is going to be a two part question. First question is this: How do you review? That's pretty plain and simple right? I'm talking how do you write your reviews, do you always write them the same way, so on and so forth. Do you change it up every once and awhile just for fun? To give you a little bit of what I'm talking about here I'll try to explain what I do when it comes time to write a review. I'm the type of person who can't stick to a guideline.  I hate trying to stick to one thing because for me it NEVER works. I've tried many different ways to write reviews, but when it comes right down to it I just type whatever I feel. I've tried listing things (The Body Finder), (Enclave). Video form (Hate list), (Hunger)  Categorizing by this I mean putting Plot, Characters, overview,and so on: (Only the good Spy young), (Sean Griswolds Head), but in the end I'm just good if I get anything written. I think if I were to write them like right after I finish I'd be okay, and that's usually what I try to do, but lately it's harder for me.

Second question is this: What do you do when you get behind on reviews, or do you ever get behind on reviews?
I will admit I have been horrible at it lately. (scurries away to hide) I feel like I have gotten so far behind that I won't be able to catch up, and I really want to be able to. I want these books that I've read to be available on my site. To show others that I did enjoy the books (or didn't in some cases) As of right now I feel like the poor person in the picture above. :( I'm stuck in a sea of un-reviewed books. I know this post will probably be taken a few ways: 1.) I read them, but don't review them 2.) I suck at reviewing. 3.) Maybe I don't really

When in all honesty, each and everyone of those statement is so far, FAR from the truth. (Okay, 1 and 3 are but 2 might be close to the truth.)

I've been thinking about this because it  bothers me to have these books sitting here. I'm mean you can see by the picture below what I'm dealing with. That picture bothers the crap out of me, but I'm afraid if I do reviews now that they'll suck, or they won't make any sense. So do I just leave it alone, and not worry about those? What would y'all do? Should I try to write mini reviews for them?

It's sad when I even have parts of my reviews for the books written out on regular paper, and I still don't write.

These are the books that I have read and still need to review, but for some reason I keep putting them off. The sad part is at least 5 of them I have partial reviews for. (Note the picture above is for Choker and A Touch Mortal) Then I have Legend and Lark and Demonglass started in blogger. (Anna's review I just finished) and Shattered Souls I was going to try and do closer to December, but the others I just haven't done anything to them.These are just the actual books these don't count the e-books I need to do. -sigh-

When I look at this picture it sort of depresses me.
 I started this blog to read and review, and while I am reading and enjoying every minute of it. I'm half-assing it, and I don't want to.

If you've read through this mess of a post then I applaud you. Tell me what does your review pile look like? Is it a complete mess like mine? Too many questions to answer huh. That's okay I'm just trying to get it out. :)


  1. In the past I've reviewed everything the day after I finished it. Somehow I've ended up with a pile like yours. It started when I wasn't feeling well and then I just kept adding to it.

    I decided last night to sit down and work on 2-3 of them each day until I get them all written. Fingers crossed that works. ;)

  2. I'm not primarily a book blog, but I do review books. I typically write notes as I read and then when I finish, I sit down and write out the review. I do mine pretty much the same way each time. I give out the book stats, the synopsis from and then my thoughts.

  3. WOW! That's alot of books to review! I think I'd be a little scared of that pile lol! I try and review as soon as I'm done with the book... That way my thoughts are still fresh :)

  4. I have a very loose form to my reviews - some sort of introduction to the type of book, a brief spoiler-free synopsis in my own words, character analysis, writing analysis and then whether or not I recommend it followed by my score and a short cliffnotes version of what I thought were the most important parts of the review. I never planned on doing reviews that way, but it's a pattern I fell into and it seems to work with me and the way I think when reviewing.

    Sadly I don't have enough time to read more than I can review, so I haven't ever gotten behind. Before I started my blog, though, I was very lazy with writing reviews on Goodreads and there are a couple dozen or more books I've read that don't have a review. If nothing else, you could write mini-reviews to give your overall impression of those books.

    Working for the Mandroid

  5. I have a list of things I hit on in my reviews (plot, dialogue, characters and romance). I do that more to keep a consistency to my reviews, and to help me get going when I get stuck.

    As for doing the reviews in a timely manner, I NEED to do them soon or I will start to forget important things and the feelings I had while reading. Right now I have 2 reviews to do, and I'm reading 4 books. I'm afraid something will suffer, so I'm trying hard to get the reviews done quickly. And the 4 books to review coming up does scare me!

  6. Amanda- Yeah, that's what I need to do is sit down and try to write some reviews. If not the long ones I'm use to then at least a mini one.

    Sara- I use to do that to where I'd write notes. Sometimes I still do, and I think that works for me

    Book-Yeah, I'm a little scared of the pile. :) I use to sit down right after I finished and write them, too. Now I'm kicking myself wondering why I didn't do it that way with the others.

    Leslie- I think I might have to do some mini reviews

  7. I have such a hard time reading a new book if I haven't written my review for the old book. My reviews are emotion-based and so I only really "feel" them immediately after a read. But I've read books that are completely different before I've written reviews so there's not too much conflict.

    I have 6 read and not yet reviewed books on my list.

    I do have a format for my reviews. I write my own synopsis, then I have the standard review type of review, then my personal opinions. I mix it up every once in awhile on how I write the first two parts, but I always have 3 parts unless it's a novella.

    I should start reading books I find blah, then it would be so much easier to write those reviews. Less opinions, less thoughts = easier reviews.

    Great post topic, sorry to ramble!

  8. i am totally behind on reviews. sometimes i write them right away, sometimes way later. it does help if you have a partial review. sometimes i think it's going to be a pain to review something but then find out that i have something half written and then it's really a lot easier to just finish that review. sometimes i just got down notes or feelings and then can come back to it. in the end, you can only do so much.

  9. I write my reviews as soon as I finish the book, or sometimes the next day while I let my thoughts simmer. I don't start a new one until I've completed the review for the old one. It also gives my brain just a moment before it gets absorbed into another story. I'm trying very hard to not take on more than I can handle, and lead time is about two months. but I tell my authors that, and hopefully they understand and are happy with the results. I do take notes on my books, either on my computer or in a notebook. But I tend to be pretty loose with what I put in. No spoilers at all. but I briefly say what its about as I see it, how it made me feel, if I liked the characters or why/how, maybe I'll compare them to celebrities in terms of looks... I just go with the flow.

    Good luck to you. You just need to get your mojo back :) it's not gone, its just waiting :)

  10. Oh Ashley, I know how you feel. I have about six books I've not reviewed yet. I do best if I ahead of time have: 1.) setbup a draft post as I'm reading the book 2.) follow a format so in case I have writers block I can get ideas. 3.) write the personal note part in draft form as soon as I've finished. If younger your rough ideas on the blog draft it's much easier to write upnthe final review when you finish.

    For the books you haven't done yet, just write a mini review with some quick thoughts and a recommendation and rating. Then establish a better routine moving forward. Make a goal to finish review before starting next book. Then you won't be falling farther behind. Then try and catch up by doing one of two back logs books as time allows. Eventually, you'll be all caught up.

  11. My iPad is so hard to type on with having typos. The just of what I meant above was as your reading a book make a draft post on blogger with the information thats easy to obtain as your reading. Like book cover photo, summary from good reads etc. Setting, notes about characters etc Once your done reading your book just type in your personal thoughts in rough draft form. Then review will be pretty much done it will just need a little tweaking for finished product.

  12. Awww, you guys are awesome. I'll try to comment better in the morning. I just got back from breaking Dawn so I'm freaking tired. Seven hours in the theatre was tiring, but fun. You guys the movie was awesome!

    I'll be back.

  13. Wow. Okay, let me first stop drooling over the picture of books you posted. Ugh, I still have to read those! :(

    And well, I don't know with you, but I don't feel pressured to write reviews. For me, that takes the fun out of everything! :) Just write it when you feel like it. And don't worry about your reviews, I mean, we can't please everyone with them. Just write what comes naturally! :)

    Its so cool that you actually write drafts on paper. I just type mine, check it, then post it immediately. :P

  14. I'm pretty much like the rest. I have to write a review as soon as I'm done reading the book. I need the contents fresh in my mind. If not, then I'll be thinking of the new book that I'm reading and I'll get details all jumbled together. Not good. Not good at all. So if I'm reading review books, I must write the review as soon as I'm done reading it.

    Great topic, darling!

  15. I have a backlog of about six right now. It's a little overwhelming :P If a review just isn't coming, then I allow myself to not review the book (as long as it was a library book or something I own). I try not to do that though because, like you said, I want to share my thoughts on the books, especially if I loved them. And gosh no, I don't and can't stick to one style.

    I like Gina's suggestion. I think I'm going to try doing something like that. I never take notes, but then once you get a backlog it can be difficult to remember the details and daunting to attack the pile.

  16. A lot of wonderful comments!
    I just started a book blog. I started it so I can share my love for reading. I need advice on what are the proper ettiquitte, any do's and dont's and how do you let others know about your blog is there a do and dont's for that.

    I am not an english major or journalist just an average person who loves to read and just want to share with others. :)


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