Thursday, March 8, 2012

Bookshelf Tour from November

This is another book self tour I did right before I moved out of the house I was living in. I will probably do another one as soon as I move into the other apartment, and get things settled and get all my books out of boxes. I have gotten so many other books the past few months that this doesn't reflect what I have. I thought I'd try to keep something up though, and I'm not sure I ever actually posted this one.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Update: Whats happening and what will be going on

Hey my darling readers! 
Sorry I've been MIA lately except for a few posts here and there and no reviews. I've actaully finished 2 or 3 books that I have half reviews for in draft format. Just haven't finished them. I've been busy with work, exhausted from work, spending time with the boyfriend, and just trying to get my life back to where I want it. I'm actually pretty happy because if all goes well with our apt applications Ryan and I will be getting our own place, and the apt is pretty awesome looking. No more living and sleeping in my moms living room. We'll have an extra bedroom, and I can take all my books out of storage and they'll have their own space. Yes, Ryans aware of my book obsession and how many I own. He's sweet even though he's not interested in books he'll always ask me "What're you reading now?"

As I type this I have a splint on my right hand so it's a little difficult to do this, but I needed to update everyone and let you know I haven't disappeared. :) So yeah last week i hurt my right hand/wrist and didn't think twice about it getting worse. Well, Monday morning while I was working (I'm a pharmacy tech so I have to type and count) my wrist started hurting extremely bad. It was making weird sounds when I would move my thumb so I ended up going to the ER after work and found out it was sprained. This is what they ended up doing to my arm. (Points to picture on left side) So now I'm stuck with this for awhile, and what really sucks is it's my right hand and you guessed it I'm right handed. Now I'm off for the next 5 days. Which is fine I needed to get away from work.

On to other news:
I'm sooooo freaking excited to say that I got an ARC of The Immortal Rules by Julie Kagawa, author of the irony fey series (which I need to read), and I'll probably be reading that soon. Once I finish reading it I'll be putting up a giveaway for a finished copy from the publisher remember you won't get it until its release date though.

Oh also Amazon is like a drug to me. Seriously, I go on there to buy one thing and end up with more then what I intended on buying. Like last week I went on there to buy the movie Super Troopers because I couldn't find it anywhere else. (if you haven't seen it. it's hilarious.) Along with that I ended up getting Sadie a living dead doll, a living dead dolls calendar, and some zombie posters. pictures below. :) Yes, My names Ashley and I'm an amazon-o-holic.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Follow Friday (61)

Q: What book would you love to see made into a movie or television show and do you have actors/actresses in mind to play the main characters?

  I would love to see Vampire academy made into either a movie or show. Yes, I know we all think the movies and shows wouldn't do the books justice, and maybe they wouldn't but it would still be interesting to see it come to life. The nightworld books would also make for an interesting tv series. Divergent would also be a pretty cool movie to see. There are so many books that i would enjoy seeing play out on the big screens.
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