Sunday, July 8, 2012

Book Cover Reveals: Main

This is where I will share all my links to book covers that I've revealed.
It looks like I may do this as a once a month thing, and then again a certain book cover may along that I absolutely love and want to share by itself. We shall see. :)
Book Covers Revealed in November (2011)
Book Covers I revealed in October(2011)
Book Covers Revealed in July (2011)
Book Covers revealed in June (2011)
More Book Covers revealed in June (2011)
Book Covers Revealed in July 2012
Book Cover Revealed June (2013)
Book Covers Revealed in April (2014)

Book Covers I like so much they're alone:
As bad as it gets Cover and Title Reveal (Bad Girls Don't Die Book 3)
In a handful of Dust by Mindy Mcginnis (Companion Novel to Not a drop to drink)


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