Saturday, July 7, 2012

Discussion: When is too many...too many?

There's a few reasons why I decided to write this post.

Reason # 1
I was relaxing in the tub reading yet another book, and after you read this post you'll understand why I worded it like that, I hope. Anyways, I was reading Matched by Allie Condie and it hit me (not the book...the thought) this is like the fourth or so book that I've started in the past few weeks. It's not that I don't like the books I start it's that I have this bad habit about starting a book, and then getting the fever to read something a little different. When that happens I put down the book I was reading, and start a new one. I hate that I do this, but honestly I don't know what to do about it. I mean am I the only one who does this? Do any of ya'll pick up another book just because you want something different, even though you still have one that's not even half way through. I can understand it if I have a problem with the book, and it doesn't catch my attention most of the time though I'm enjoying the book. I'm not talking like two books. I'll lay out what I have started right now just because of my weirdness, and to give you an idea of what I'm rambling about.
1. The Scorpio Races (This one I can kind of understand because I couldn't get into it)
2. Matched (I really do enjoy this and want to know the outcome, but I keep switching to others)
3. The Golden Lily (I can't complain to much because I just started and I love it. I'm actually rooting for Adrian and Sydney.)
4. Scored (It's another dystopian that I enjoy so far.)
5. Bumped (I think I started this because at one point I couldn't find where I had placed Matched or scored and was in the mood for a dystopian.)
6. In the path of falling objects (I'm usually not much into books that aren't paranormal, but I wanted something different at the time I started this and a friend said it's really good. She's usually pretty good about what I would like.)
So do you see my dilemma? I'm so tempted to start others too. I have to tell myself Ashley finish the ones you have going first.

So that was the first reason.

Reason #2
Do you really ever have too many books?  I mean yeah sure you may not get to read all of them in your lifetime, unless of course you read super fast. It still amazes me how some people can read 2 to 3 hundred books in a year if not more. I can barely read 100. I feel like such a horrible reader sometimes. It really doesn't matter though if I never get around to reading them because I still continue to buy. These pictures I have on here are just some books. You can barely see the stacks behind, and then all of them I still have yet to get out of my trunk and backseat because I don't want to carry them down stairs and then upstairs. What's worse is I'm pretty bad about getting read of any. If I have a duplicate it or something I'll usually give it away, but that's rare that I do.

Having so many books to read it's always hard for me to decide what I'm going to read next. As stated in the above paragraphs where I have boocoos of books started. How do I narrow it down to what I want to read? I've tried thinking ok this month I'll read these type of books. For the most part I'm doing pretty good. I'm trying to read dystopians right now, but sometimes you have that itch to read a paranormal or contemp. So what do you do. Sorry this is going back to reason one it seems. I've tried putting myself on book buying bans until I can read a good number of books, but it doesn't really work out to well for me. I haven't the strength to say NO to a book that has a pretty cover, or one that's been sitting on my wishlist for awhile.

Let's discuss....


  1. hmm interesting question. I have a lot of books and sometimes I get really overwhelmed, but I usually just pick what I feel like reading. I don't set a genre or anything for the month. Usually I pick up what looks good. Like I just read a few urban fantasies and contemporary, but now I'm really craving some historical romances, so that's what I'm reading next. It really depends, but it helps that I don't load myself on review books. I'd rather read and enjoy what I'm reading than feel obligated that I have to review a book that I don't like.

    As for picking things up and changing books, that rarely happens to me. I'm one of those ppl who has to finish what I started, otherwise it'd bother the hell out of me. even for books I don't like, I rarely have a DNF.

    Great post. I can totally see where you're coming from. Sometimes have too many is just as bad as having too few lol

    Ning @ Reading by Kindle Fire

    1. I think that's part of my problem one day i feel like reading one type of book so I start it and then the next day I feel like something completely different so I start another one, and there in lies my problem with having way to many started and not getting finished.

      I'm the same way with books I can't have a DNF book even if I absolutely hated it, but it just means that the book sits on the back burner for awhile. Like the forest of hands and feet I started back awhile ago like last last year and even though I wasn't enjoying it I still know that's not finished so I'm like I have to read it sometime.

  2. I do exactly the same thing Ash. I have about 10 books I've started but not finished. Part of me believes it's because the books don't really capture my imagination or on the other hand, I like them so much I don't want them to end so I just stop reading them so prolong the joy. Being a book blogger makes it so difficult to keep track of books and to not get excited when new ones come out. I'll put a bunch of books in hold at the library only to return them unread because I don't have the time or have too many books going at once. Now I've written myself a schedule of which books I'm going to read each week. It's drastic but it's the only way I'm going to get anything done. Don't beat yourself up about it Ash. Comes with the territory I think.

    1. Even if I were to write a schedule for myself I don't think I would be able to follow it. When I get home from work I'm just freaking tired, and I think maybe I'll read a few pages, but then i just lay down and watch time go by.

  3. I always have between 10-20 books going at the same time. I think once I had 22 or 23. If something doesn't capture my attention, I try something else. But even if I like a book, I may not be in the mood for it that particular hour/minute/day.

    Do I have too many books? I have about 6500 books. I've read all but about 300, maybe a 100 or so are duplicates. I have maybe another 1500-2000 or so children's books. Plus another 100-ish from the library. Those are just physical books, not stuff on my ereader. Which my husband really wanted me to get after he tripped on box of books in the middle of the floor. Because we have no more wall space for any more book shelves, so I'm just stacking new books all over the place or leaving them in the boxes they were shipped in. I have about 1/2 of a 1 car garage stacked floor to ceiling with boxes of books. So, we are awash in books. At any one time, I like to have about 200-300 books in the house that I haven't read because I read 400 or so books a year. Sounds like a lot, but before kids I used to read 700-900 a year.

    1. I'm so glad I'm not the only one who has so many going on at once. I think if I'm not careful I would probably end up wit that many as well, but like I said I'm trying to limit myself. See that's me as well if something isn't capturing my attention at the time I transfer to a new book. I guess I'm just afraid I'm going to get all my stories mixed together.

      wow and I thought my room was bad. It's weird but it's also comforting to know there here. I envy people who are able to read that many books a year not to mention it blows my mind. How do you manage to read so much I'm curious.


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