Saturday, July 7, 2012

I miss my blog

Alright, I know it hasn't actually gone anywhere, and for the most part I haven't either. I've been lazy and just not up to doing much on it. If you look back the past couple of months it kind of shows. The most I've posted in a month is 9 posts, and compared to last year that sucks. Today I was really able to sit down in my "junk" room and think and write some of the posts I have sitting as drafts. Like this discussion one "When is to many...too many?" or some reviews like Dark Mirror and Half-blood. I realized that I miss doing these things and I miss working on my site. I miss the interaction I get to have with everyone. So the next couple of days I'm going to try and put up some reviews that I have sitting in draft form and maybe do a cover reveal post with some covers that have been out and about that I never got to show but think need to be shown.

There's actually one post I have ready to publish, but I'm kind of iffy on it because it's not really book-related. It's more of a personal post dealing with something I think not many people know about, but would really mean the world to me if people would take the time to read. It's dealing with a genetic disorder. Let me know what you think. Should or shouldn't I post it?

Also I was thinking about changing my design again either to something new, or back to the old blue layout I use to have because I actually liked that one. i would like something new and easy on the eyes, but still sticking to the theme of bookaholics anonymous. The whole group around a table with books or something. last time Small Review helped with the banner and I adored it.

Much love my bloggers and readers. <3


  1. You go ahead and post whatever you like Ash. Remember that this may be a book blog but it's your blog first and foremost so you can post anything you like. About your current kinds hurts my eyes so a change (or change back!) might be nice :)

    1. I know I just don't want to bore people with things not related to what they're looking for...if that makes since. I guess they skip over it.

      Yeah, I agree with the hurting the eyes. I was working on the site all day long yesterday and going back and forth to look at it, and realized that after awhile my eyes were hurting and so was my head because of the contrast or something. I hope this is a little better for now.


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