Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Shelf Cleaning (1)

Here is my list of books I'm wanting to get rid of. I'm willing to give them away, but it would be nice to possibly get a Young adult book I want in return (not necessary though). Remember when I get rid of books I take them to Half price books, and get a little something I in return can buy the books I want.

Danielle Steel- Malice, Southern Lights
Mary jane Clark- Do you want to know a secret?
Iris Johanse- Dead aim
Will Baer- Penny Dreadful
John Grisham- Ford CountyM
Mitch Smith- Karma
Jane Ann Krentz- Truth or Dare
Amanda Quick- Don't look back
Julian Larkin- Vixen (young adult)
Harlen Corbin- The woods
Wendy Staub- In the blink of an eye
Laura Lippman- The last place
Joy Fielding- Missing pieces, See Jane run
Nora roberts- Angels Fall
John Sandford- Heat Lighhting
Patricia Macdonald- Secret admirer
Sandra Brown- Smoke Screen
Ed Mcbain- Mary, Mary
Lisa Gardner- Say goodbye
thomas ocallaghan- screaming room
Eoin Cofer- Artemis Fowl #9 (young adult)
Dean Kootnz- The darkest evening of the year
S.J Strayhorn- Black night
Susan Crandall- Pitch black
Cristine Mcguire- Perfect Victim
Gillian Flynn- Sharp objects
Michael Connelly- Angels Flight
James patterson- You've been warned, The quickie
Carlene Thompson- Since you've been gone
Stephen white- Dry Ice
Andrew Gross- The blue zone

I have a few others I'll put up later. If you have any question leave me a comment or email me at ashleyjowens@gmail.com with the topic shelf cleaning.


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