Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Write on: The Stoner and the Geek

We all know how I am when it comes to writing. I'm quick to write a page or two, and then I quit because I get stuck. I get a little frustrated sitting here staring at the screen, and not knowing what the hell to write so I stop. It's better that I stop and walk away because if I continue to look at the screen I will inevitably want to A.) throw it B.) Pound it with my fist C.) Turn the computer off (and while this sounds like it wouldn't hurt. trust me my computer is stubborn and takes f.o.r.e.v.e.r to turn on because it has a bad battery and charger.) See where I'm going with this.

This is another WIP for me and I want to make it into my own re-telling of a story, and from the title I bet you can tell which one. While I'm going to try and work on it today here is what I have so far.

You remember all those movies you watched where the ordinary girl fell in love with someone who was different then her. Beauty fell in love with beast, Bella fell in love with a vampire, Ariel fell in love with a human. Well, I fell in love with a stoner. Before, you think  what do those girls and their matches have to do with two regular people falling in love. Everything!

Have you ever felt like your life wasn’t going anywhere? That you would be the girl who never got married, never kissed anyone, and would be the geek who despite many accomplishments would be alone with only her cats to love her? That’s always how I imagined my life would be. After all I’m not a princess from one of those Disney movies.  I was content with my happily ever after (well sort of). 

I’m pretty much as ordinary as they come. I was taught from an early age that beauty isn’t on the outside, but what’s on the inside. That being smart wasn’t something to hide, but something to embrace. You don’t tell that to someone who has dull brown hair, that is kept bunched up in a ponytail, eyes that don’t look like the ocean, skin that is pretty much toneless it takes white to a new level,  and of course four eyes by which I mean I wear glasses. Guess where that gets me? Nowhere! I stay home on the weekends, I spend lunch in the library, and after school I tutor kids. Frankly, these kids don’t need tutors, they need reality checks, or therapists preferably Dr. Phil. Some thought that life would just be handed to them on a silver platter. The others knew the silver platter would never come so they said fuck it. If life wants to burn me then I’ll just smoke it.

This is kind of where my love story begins. Original right? 


  1. This is great Ashley, I enjoyed reading it... thanks for sharing!

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