Sunday, October 21, 2012

Discussion: How do you organize your shelves?

The room went from the pictures on the right-->
After I moved into my apartment, and finally got all the bookshelves out of storage and some new ones I was able to move my books from the floor to their rightful spots on the shelves. My dilemma is how the heck do I arrange them? I could go all paperbacks on one shelf, hardbacks on  others, group them in genres, group them in series (which doesn't work well with all paperbacks together), group them by color (I've seen pictures of it and it looks pretty awesome). I mean what do I do?

Naturally, I just started putting them on shelves and then certain shelves became: Dystopian shelf, series shelf, ARC Shelf, fave shelf, adult shelf, one whole bookshelf became paperbacks only. I guess if anyone were to try and find a specific book in my library they might have a hard time, but I know exactly where they are.
For those that have e-readers do you categorize them or leave them all in a bunch. I personally have few categories on mine which are: Review books from authors, Ya books, books I have hardcopies of, books I've read, anthologies, bonus books (ya), classics, and others.

My question today is How (if at all) do you arrange your books? If you're one of those who uses their E-reader more then anything, How do you categorize them on your reader? If you have pictures you can leave links to them. I love looking at other peoples book shelves. :)


  1. Jeez this is exactly what I'm trying to figure out right now! I'll be moving soon, and I have no idea what to do!

    Right now, I have it organized by author, and then series. But I also saw a picture of the rainbow shelf, and loved that, but that doesn't really organize it by author, genre, etc. You'd really need to know the colors of each spine to remember where you put anything! I would love to do a paperback and hardcover shelf for each, but then there is the problem that some books by certain authors I have some in paperback and some hardcover, so there would be no system to the authors.

    I'll probably be doing mine by author and series, and then all the other books, find something to do with them.

    TOUGHT decision!!!! lol

  2. Yeah, I had that issue with my house of night, vampire academy, and blue blood books half are pb and the other hb so those just went on my fave shelf. I agree its hard to know how to organize tons of books.

  3. I'm going to go with the cheaters way out, I organize my shelves electronically on Goodreads! I don't have that many real books, just no room for them all. :-) Someday I'd like to have a library room though. A gal can dream huh?

    1. That way works as well. I know how it is with no room. As you may have noticed with my kindle deals I've been buying alot more for my kindle. I actually haven't been to a bookstore in a month or two. It's kinda sad. :( I have our guest room that's half book related (mine) and the other half sport related. (his)

    2. I like that you have a guest room devoted (at least half) to books. I wish we could do that. I have two "guest rooms" - one my dad lives in and the other my grown up son has not moved all his stuff out of yet. Plus my hubby turned it into a music room (guitar/piano) and such. Someday when we remodel I hope to find a place for my books.

      As for the Kindle stuff - wow! Keep those deals coming, I've bought more books on my kindle then in the past because you always point out the irresistible deals on title I REALLY want! Thanks!

    3. least some of my posts are helpful. I actually need to get another one up in the day or so. its nice to have a place for books just so u can look at them. I was gonna ask have u read Anna and the French kiss or fateful by Claudia gray I have extra copy of them.

    4. I LOVED Anna! I read it earlier this year. It is definitely on my all time favorites list. I have a kindle copy, but not a hardcopy. As for Fateful, I have it marked "Want to Read" on GR and I don't own a copy on kindle or for reals. :-) If you are trying to ditch the extra copies, I'm always excited to get new books!!!! I am planning another Off the Shelf Reading Challenge next year because I still have quite a few to get through.

      PS: I CAN'T wait for the new kindle deals post - I'm addicted to them. :-)

  4. If you want ill send them to you. it might be awhile before I get to the post office though. I'm carless right now. so I have to depend on Ryan to take me places

    I love my kindle deals too. I have to slow down on buying though 99 cents and stuff adds up quickly.

    1. No Worries Ash, I'd be happy to get new books to read any time you have the opportunity to send them out.


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