Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Books to movies: What do you think?

Hey readers! I figured with all our favorite books turning into movies I would do a recap of what's being made into movies this year and the begining of next. I know I'm pretty freakin' excited for some of them, and the others I haven't read the books but I know I will soon.

Book number 1: The one that I could literally jump and down for and do flips (ok not really, but you see how EXCITED I am.) All I ever wanted since I read the first book was a movie to come out, and now come Feb 14 of next year it's out. Here's the link to IMDB's page for it Vampire Academy.

Book 2: Is the second one in the series, and I have to admit I enjoyed the movie more then I thought I would. I think I liked it more then the book. I am curious to see what they do with ths movie seeing as how I didn't really enjoy the second book either. Catching Fire comes out November 22,2013 Here's the link from IMDB's site Catching fire.

Book3: Is also a second movie the first being Percy Jackson and the lightning thief, I actually enjoyed the movie alot so I'm pretty excited for this movie as well. I have all the books in the series I need to read them though. Percy Jackson and the sea of Monsters comes  at August 7, 2013. Here's the link to Percy Jackson on IMDBs site.

Book 4: The first movie of a six book set. The Mortal Instruments: City of bones. I've read the first 3 books and loved them so I'm excited to see how the movie plays out. Out August 21, 2013. City of bones IMDB site.

Book 5: The maze Runner, although I haven't read the books yet they sound really good, and the thought of a movie being made is pretty cool. It says it's in production now and it's release date is Feb 14, 2014. Hopefully we will beseeing about it soon. IMDBs Maze Runner link

Book 6: Divergent, another futuristic story set to be released in March of 2014. I've read the first two books and pretty much loved them so knowing this is going to be a movie is cool. IMDB link for Divergent.


  1. Wow, you are in the KNOW. I've not read The Mortal Instuments series but I think I have the first book. I'm also excited for Vampire Academy, though I've not read that one either. I'm not a huge fan of the way Percy Jackson's movies was done, not sure if I'm excited about that. Divergent will be AWESOME - I need to read that book - dammit!

    1. Lol... girl u need to read the va series. I have most of the books fan pages on facebook so I get a lot of info from that.

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