Sunday, September 1, 2013

Bookish Things

Where do all the bookish things go that are not reviews?

Books read in... is basically where I show you what books I've read over the years starting with 2010. Anything before 2010 is in one category.

Book Subscription boxes are all the craze. Here are some of the ones I'm signed up for.

Ever see those awesome countdowns on peoples side bars? Well here is where I will put up a few every month.

In the book world things are always changing for better or worse. 
One of those changes are the book covers. We usually see those changes made from the hardcover book to it's paperback partner or even from the US cover to another countries cover. Sometimes those changes bring out the awesome-can-I-hang-this-on-my-wall to I'm-going-switzerland-on-this to the dreaded-what-the-bleeping-hell-were-they-thinking reactions in us.

From Quotes about books to quotes in books to anything bookish related.

Sometimes we love and sometimes we hate them either way they catch our attention. Here's where I will be doing cover reveals.

I'm not a huge fan of book trailers, but there are a rare few that will catch my attention. I think it's those that come close to looking like a real movie could be made from it.

This section is broken down into different types of bookish articles I have lists made by others regarding books, articles from news websites, and then just fun articles.

As readers we want to see our favorite books come to life on the big screen. Sometimes that can be an awesome thing and other times we rather keep that image of what we think it should look like. Either way though when that book does hit the screen you can bet we'd be the first ones to see it.

Every end of the year I sign up for the following years challenges, and I never seem to stay on track with them. I mean I'm sure if I did I'd have a lot of my books read. (which is sort of the point in doing these) yet I'm quick to let them go. Here are ones I've done in the past (or tried to do). 

Are you new to the book blogging community? Are you flustered with all the different abbreviations and lingo being used? Look no further! I'm going to try and be as helpful as I can.


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