Friday, January 31, 2014

Are you a book addict quiz from Bittersweet Enchantment

So I think most of us book bloggers are just a smidge bit addicted. I thought these were fun questions so here are my answers either yes or no...

  1. Own more than 300 books (physical and/or ebooks)
    We all know this is a big YES especially with my kindle
  2. Stay up really late to finish a book, all the while thinking "just one more chapter and then I'll quit."
    Well duh...YES..I did this with Last Sacrifice.
  3. Reading while sitting on the toilet. (come on...I know you've all done this. hehe)
    NO..although I have them sitting on my toilet lid.
  4. Cried in public while reading a sad part of your book.
    No...I don't really cry when I read, but there are a few where I've come very close.
  5. Wished or dreamt you could live in a certain book and be dating/married to a certain character.
    YES...can we say VA.
  6. Squealed like a fan-girl while in a store in the book section, and noticed others looking at you funny.
    NO..I scream inside though.
  7. Read a book while dining at a restaurant.
    NO..I've been known to take them in the car with me
  8. Have more books in your TBR pile than you'd ever finish reading in the next 25 years.
    YES...but I don't care because I love looking at them on my shelf.
  9. Bought a book solely based on the cover alone.
    YES..aren't we all a little guilty of this?
  10. Walked while reading a book, not really looking where your going.
    YES...with my kindle
  11. Skipped meals because you didn't realize the time while reading.
  12. Bought a bookmark because it matched one of your books.
    NO, but I use to buy bookmarks that were pretty.
  13. Try to convert your NON-reading friends to read the same books as you and get upset when they turn you down.
    YES..Aubrey I'm talking about you...I gave her a copy of A touch mortal, and she has yet to finish it.
  14. Literally yelled or cursed at the book when there was a part you hated or that shocked you.
    LOL..YES..I get weird looks from the husband
  15. Own book merchandise, like buttons, t-shirts, totes, bookish jewelry. 
    YES...I have 3 or so twilight shirts, 1 hunger games shirt, and a deity shirt I won.
  16. Would pay GOOD $$$ to get a ARC of a book before anyone else. much as I would want to
  17. Has meet your favorite author and have signed copies of their book(s)
    YES...Richelle Mead
  18. Have literally hide someplace to read so no one could bother you. if I could I would
  19. Have read while in the pool/hot tub/ or bathtub.
    YES...bathtub..I do this almost nightly..because it's relaxing
  20. Have written a letter to your favorite author and got a reply back.
    NO...does twitter count?
  21. Have been over your limit on checked out books at the library.
    NO I rarely use the library though
  22. Have spent more than 100 dollars on books in one day.
    YES..sadly I believe I have, but when you shop HPB it's kind of hard not to.
  23. Got upset when you see someone treat a book badly.
    YES, lol we were moving my books from one room to another a few months ago, and the husband kept dropping them, and I was like really?
  24. Could live without TV and Internet for a month or two, and only being allowed to read.
    YES, I honestly think I could do that because with neither of those I would be inclined to read more.
  25. Last but not least, make up dream casts for your favorite books.
    NO, only because I'm horrible remembering names.
Total=14 Yes
14-10 Points: You like to read but don't feel bad if you haven't in a while. You're more likely to wait and read new books once everyone else has. You buy books on occasion but not all the time. 


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