Saturday, June 14, 2014

Tv Show Trailer: Delirium by Lauren Oliver

Pilot to the series Delirium by Lauren Oliver playing on HULU

Readers/bloggers and everyone else have you seen this yet? 
If not give it a watch and then read on.

What'd you think?
I'm sure if you've read the books then you have to have some sort of opinion about it. I actually just read all three books back to back in the past month or I'm down for this to be a show. I really enjoyed the books. Okay, the last one, failed a little bit, but overall it really was a great series. Seeing it brought to life for just that minute and twenty two seconds was awesome. Now granted I saw Lena as a completely different person. I'm not sure Emma Roberts is right. I picture Lena as this stronger person not this tiny little girl. Sorry Emma I love you in your other movies. The casting looks all kinds of wrong, but that is just my opinion. Casting for any movie/shows that come from what we read will never fit what our image of them looks like in our mind.

My Reviews for the Books
|Delirium| |Pandemonium| |Requiem|

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