Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Book Subscription Box: Lit Cube Box Unveiling for September

Lit cube is another bookish subscription box that I decided I would try.

Sorry I wasn't able to get pictures

Monday, September 28, 2015

Book Signing: Dumplin' Launch Party and Giveaway

(Not my photo)

I love going to book signings, and even though I don't completely interact with anyone there I still find it fun. On the 14th of this month I was able to go to the Launch Party for Julie Murphy's new book Dumplin', and it was glamorous. :) They had a few different things to do. You could take your picture with a cutout of Willowdean. (I didn't.) You were able to make a sash like beauty contestants wear, and then there were cupcakes and a table full of red delicious candy. (My mom made me make her a bag of candy.) All of this was happening before the author sat down to take a few question because they had forgotten (I guess) to make time for Q&A. I'm really bad with remembering what questions were asked and the answers, but it was fab. :) Julie seems like a very down to earth, sweet, and fun person. She was walking  around talking to people.

In the pictures below you will see a guy dressed up that is Julie's Husband who came out wearing the dress singing Jolene by Dolly Parton. It was awesome..

Keep scrolling to see some fun pictures of the night, and what I got while I was there. Then a giveaway at the end.


My pictures
(Which are horrible. My phone sucks, but my moms was good.)

Waiting to get my books signed.

Me with Julie Murphy (the cup in her hand is something I made.)

Julie holding the cup I made. 

My awesome mom that usually goes with me to signings.

(Not mine, but I had to share them.)

This has to be my favorite picture.
Everyone doing the Dumplin' Pose.

(DOG NOT INCLUDED: Rae just wanted to show off the goods.)
Rae cozying up to the book

Rae loving the bookmark

Rae showing off the buttons
The buttons I got for purchasing the book

Rae showing off the Crown.
What's a beauty contestant without a crown?

Rae loving the Heart Shaped Shades

Rae with all the goodies

Rae showing you the sash.

Lastly, Rae showing ya'll who the queen is. :)

Book Subscription Box: Uppercase box for September

From the Uppercase Website
"Uppercase is a young adult book subscription box. Simply put: You sign up and receive a YA book and a bookish goody every month! Plus the subscription comes with online access to extras like a live book discussion & recommendations for similar books."

(I'm sorry for the crappiness of my pictures.)

All my goodness in the Uppercase box this month.

Vengeance Road by Erin Bowman was the book
in this months box. SO glad I didn't have it. :)

A bookmark which I have a few of like this.

The monthly note from Lisa.

A Notepad list that says TBR list on it.
I don't think my TBR list would fit.

A book plate signed by Erin Bowman

These are sorta wild westish earrings to fit with the book I'm guessing

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Book Subscription Box: Owlcrate box for September

This months theme was leading ladies.
What's in the box ranges from a few different awesome ladies in YA.
(I'm going to apologize now for the crappiness that is my camera phone. I'm not sure why the pictures are coming horrible lately.)

 Here's everything that came in the box

 This is a necklace of Katniss' Arrow. I think it's awesome.
Crystal Compass Etsy Shop

The book that was in this months box was Dumplin'.
I actually have 3 copies of this book already because
I went to her signing here, and got a copy signed to me,
1 signed for a giveaway, and I had one pre-ordered.
So I hope you all know what that means?

This is a bookmark that has the pictures of divergent Factions on it.

This is the Dauntless tote which I love.

A sticker with dumplin.

This a Keychain funko Pop.
I think it's adorable they should put these in here more.

A card with Hermione on it. It's actually prettier in person.

Another card with Hermione and Crookshanks on it.

A Letter from Julie Murphy, author of Dumplin'

Then the spoiler card that comes in the box every month. :)

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Book Review: Sound by Alexandra Duncan

Author: Alexandra Duncan
Publisher: Green willow Books
Pages: 496
Series/Standalone: Companion to Salavage
As a child, Ava’s adopted sister Miyole watched her mother take to the stars, piloting her own ship from Earth to space making deliveries. Now a teen herself, Miyole is finally living her dream as a research assistant on her very first space voyage. If she plays her cards right, she could even be given permission to conduct her own research and experiments in her own habitat lab on the flight home. But when her ship saves a rover that has been viciously attacked by looters and kidnappers, Miyole—along with a rescued rover girl named Cassia—embarks on a mission to rescue Cassia’s abducted brother, and that changes the course of Miyole’s life forever.

You don't have to read the companion novel Salvage to understand this story. :)

Miyole has made her whole life about being a scientist on a mission. Now that she's been on it things are changing. When her ship is attacked by what I will call space pirates people get hurt, kidnapped, and she let's one slip away from  her. When she's faced with guilt about the kidnapping she makes it her mission to help Cassia find her brother. We can all guess where this is going to lead. Get ready for a space-riffic adventure with space pirates, space mobsters, a sweet love interest (no triangle!) and a furry feline named Tibbets.  If you're looking for a fun filled adventure in space this is definitely for you.  Sometimes breaking the rules and doing what you believe in has an affect you didn't think possible. :)

This is my first big dipper into outer space with a YA book. (See what I did there.) I know there have been others like AtU by Beth Revis (which I have on my shelf) but I never did get around to reading that series. I'm glad I started with this one though because it did a good job. Now I might just have to read some more space-y books. :) Maybe they will be out of this world for me as well. (Too much?)

Can I just say how much I loved that some of these characters (well most of them) were so diverse. It's a very refreshing thing to see in YA and any book in this day and time because everyone is a little bit of everything. What gets me even more is that it's a MC and not just a background character. I say YEA to the author. 
Miyole is such a character to aspire to become. (except maybe the lying to get on the ship) Although, she did it with good intentions. Like I said in the beginning she wanted to be on it so she could become this scientist, but she pretty much sabotaged that by helping someone else in need. She knew she would be messing with what she worked for, but her conscience and growing love for this person was so much greater then anything else.
Cassia was also an endearing character. There were moments I didn't agree with the way she treated Miyole because I mean the girl is risking her life to help Cassia whom she barely knew at first. Cassia is a strong female though with the life that she was dealt

I really wanted things to go the way I hoped they would, but sadly they didn't. I'm a HEA endings kinda girl. :( That's all I have to say about that.

-Everyone leaves someday. Everyone dies. And isn't it easier if you leave first?
I'm not sure why I like this, but it kinda fits me I think. It's easier just to guard yourself and heart then it is to open it up, and let it get broken a million times.

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